drybar Happy Hour Shampoo and Conditioner: Hop on The Wagon!

Sometimes, the cure to all malaise is a good hair day. So, why is it that I mostly spent money on makeup than hair products? This is where blow-dry salons find their niche. For a little bit more than what a woman may spend on a high-end lipstick (aka the gateway drug to every cosmetics brand), she can have a good hair day that lifts the mood as much as a good lipstick does. Great business idea, no?

On my last vacation, I found myself sitting in the drybar salon, with a friendly receptionist asking me if I'd like a flute of bottomless dry Mimosa. After the visit, I decided to try out their products, aka their gateway drug for those who don't have local access to drybar salon! I ordered the goodies online from drybar.com but beware, shipping can be terribly slow, especially to the West Coast (it took a full 2 weeks to receive products).

My hair is straight with fine strands, medium thickness and length. I do not perm or color my hair. I also have lots of baby hairs sticking out, thanks to the lack of pregnancy hormones that maintained my once luscious mane. My scalp is not terribly oily, but it can be quite sweaty. Finally, just like many of you, I have dry ends.

All product description and ingredients can be found at drybar.com. Links are not affiliate. Let's get started!

First up, is Happy Hour Blowout Shampoo. The texture of the shampoo reminds me a lot of honey: thick and sticky. It says to wash with a quarter-size dollop and repeat if necessary. To me, that translates more like a quarter size dollop for each the crown area and the side/nape area. When I do that, shampooing once is enough. I also wouldn't use this shampoo daily as it is quite stripping. I wash my hair every other day anyway, but still I prefer gentler formulation. In all fairness, this is what the shampoo is designed to do: to strip everything clean, and it does its job well. Today, for example, is my second day hair and my scalp still feels fine and fresh. Because of the clarifying quality of this shampoo, I also purchased their moisturizing shampoo Sake Bomb (review to come). My plan is to alternate Happy Hour with Sake Bomb every other wash.

Next is naturally Happy Hour Weightless Conditioner. This conditioner is lightweight, indeed. It does not have a lot of slip much like Kerastase to ease the hair strands as I rinse it, but it does a decent job conditioning. I put a bit more than a quarter-size dollop on my hair, focusing on the ends. I use detangler to spread the product evenly and usually leave it on while I do other things in the shower. The towel-dried hair is easy to comb but does not feel heavy. Fully-dried hair is frizz-free but not exactly glossy either (for that, you can add Hot Toddy, review to come). It is your basic conditioner, so to speak, that won't weigh the hair down for the blowout purpose.

The scent (and all drybar products have the same scent) is somewhat floral-gourmand: a little bit soapy clean, a little bit cinnamon-y. I'm not too crazy about the scent, but it's ok -- I personally much rather like fresh scent than gourmand/floral for hair products.

At my appointment, I came in to steal Alexa Chung's mane and came out looking like Shirley Temple instead. Yet, somehow I got hooked to this little salon. That is the magic of the drybar and every time I smell my hair, freshly shampooed and conditioned with Happy Hour(s), I am reminded of that last Californian vacation and dream about the next one.

For those of you who are not familiar with the drybar, have a look at Sabrina's post about her experience here -- she took lots of great pictures of the salon. Have you been to the drybar salon? or have you tried their products?


  1. sigh. Claire, this sounds so dreamy. If I spent a quarter of the effort on my hair compared to my face, I'd have vixen worthy glorious hair. What a treat this sounds!

    1. I know, right? I, too, sometimes spend too much time + money + effort on makeup (not to mention browsing blogs, youtube, etc.) Well, I don't want to ruin your no-buy resolution but in case your fave 'poo + conditioner run out, you may want to check these :-)

  2. I've never been to drybar let alone any blow out salon. It sounds like such a fun little indulgence!!! Very interested to see what you think of the Sake bomb!