I Know Where I'm Going!

Image from criterion.com
I woke up early today and checked my phone for weather forecast before heading to work. "Gale Warning!" Gale warning??

The only time I ever heard about gale was when watching "I Know Where I'm Going!" A classic Powell & Pressburger rom-com starring Wendy Hiller and Roger Livesey, the movie was about a woman so sure of herself trapped in the force of nature. Throw in a century-old curse, a couple of wet Scottish Deerhounds, and a beautiful countryside, we have a recipe for a good movie to cuddle up in stormy weather.

Unfortunately, I have to go to work, so the movie will have to wait.

What's your favorite bad-weather movie?


  1. I love the Holiday with cameron diaz & kate winslet & jack black & jude law! It just makes me smile....oh and Love Actually!!! That's got such a great soundtrack too!!

    1. Holiday is a good one. And Love Actually is also my all-time fave movie!!!