Thankful Tuesday

Back to Fall means back to real life for us in the Land of Lorp. So, we are grateful for:

  • Meeting back with old friends after a long summer
  • Meeting new friends in new endeavors
  • Rain!! (means fresher air)
  • Cooler weather (means sweater, tea, and all cool-weather delicacies)
  • Peaceful time for myself when the Toddler is out in school
  • New projects around the house
  • Peaceful nights
  • Teas! Did I mention teas?
  • Libraries and new books to read and explore
What about you?


  1. LOVE this post!!! We've made it a point to live below our means as well. It's a really great feeling to know we aren't living paycheck to paycheck. But I won't lie...I often get pangs of oh I'd love to have a yard to garden, a slightly bigger place so I could have an office and we could have a guest bedroom...then I snap out of it and realize how living the way we do affords us so many more opportunities. I guess the only downside to living below our means is that I tend to spend more on (cough) makeup and other girly toys. I always contemplate not blogging anymore to help curb that consumption appetite...though it's not so much having a blog that does it but reading other blogs and talking to other bloggers and being on sites like makeupalley. All that is kind of part and parcel however, which is exactly why I've considered not blogging (along with other reasons). But like you said, I think a big part of not consuming as much is to have other interests and to feed those interests on a regular basis. Ok, so now I need to find other interests LOL :-)

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'm FAR from perfect, really, but I also believe in moderation. A little bit of indulgence every now and then is quite normal. I think deprivation will only lead to haul/purge cycle. Maybe just keep everything in context and in balance. I know all of us strive for that..
      In your case, since you travel a lot LOT, maybe you can share with us interesting places to go, travel tips, what not to do etc. that would make for very interesting posts. Beauty products that stand the test of air traveling, perhaps? If between all of us we just posts product reviews that we really love, I think there will not be a lack of product reviews in the blogosphere out there and at the same time, each one of us won't have to feel like we have to blog just for reviews.