Wearing Right Now

Wearing right now

Wearing right now by declairelegenou featuring a white oxford shirt

Back to my Autumn/Winter uniform. Not much has changed, I added a silk J.Crew Silk Boy Blouse in Tossed Hearts and finally breaking into my Hunter wellies. I have a little outdoor man -- impossible chasing him around in ballet flats or a pair of drivers through the wet grass and muddy terrain. I wish I can have my hiking boots on all the time, really.

Makeup is kept low maintenance with Revlon Photoready Cream Blush (Blush Creme de Chanel's dupe) in Flushed, Chanel Mystere quad and Burberry English Rose Lip Cover. 

What are you wearing right now?


  1. Ha ha this looks very similar to my fall/winter uniform that usually consists of denim/leggings + boots/flats + scarf + white vneck t shirt + cardigan. This year I have a chambray shirt and that's about all that's different. I'd like to add a few different sweaters...most of mine are several years old except for the cardigans I got last year. I can't help it though...LOVE cardigans!!!

    Far as makeup...my Flight Attendant friend and I have been feeling like we carry too much around on trips. She eliminated a lot. I should do the same, though lately I haven't been carrying around as much as I used to. We both kind of feel like no matter what we do we look the same...not in a bad way just that aaaall this makeup we have and it never really looks that different once on??? LOL sorry all that to say that think I might go back to super basic makeup when I'm on trips. Means less to carry and if I feel like I look the same anyway then no biggie. Plus it takes less time, and especially in the winter when it's cold out and I'd rather take the few extra minutes to stay in a warm bed...well that's a big deal!! Also too when I bring more I tend to think I can experiment. Lemme tell ya...for one it takes more time and then I'm scrambling...like actually running down the hall to catch the elevator to catch the hotel shuttle. For another it's not so good when something doesn't work out, and you spend all day with flakey eyeliner and end up with panda eyes but you don't realize it until you get to the hotel at the end of the day :-(

    1. I'm with you, if I have a few extra minutes, I'd rather curl up under my comfy comforter!

      I do have some cardis, maybe I'll get them out. I used to wear them a lot, then the Toddler was in the grabby phase of anything dangling (aka buttons), but maybe he won't be this year.

      My "strategy" of mixing up my make up look is to do it weekly. E.g. this week, I'm into vampy lips, so I just throw in the whole product to make the look (in my case now liner, a bit of contouring products and vampy lippy of choice). Then next week, I may be into burgundy smoky eyes, then I switch up all my products. TOO much temptation to change the look mid-week, but I can manage it if do the same look for the whole week.

  2. i like the look of that scarf :) do you have hunter socks? they're so fleecy and warm and awesome for winter hehe

    1. No! I should try Hunter Socks. I always have on Smart Wool.. it is the "fave" of everyone around here. Thanks for the rec!