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My Skincare Routine

My Skincare Routine by declairelegenou featuring botanics skin care

Blogging for me started with a small group of new friends, all new moms, who are eager to write while our children are napping. Somewhere along the way, I meet some generous, lovely, funny, smart, engaging bloggers like Gummy Vision, whose beauty musings are thoroughly entertaining yet informative. Most importantly, she is always so friendly and upbeat, even in her comments and tweets, that I keep visiting her blog again and again.

Today, I share my skincare routine plus a product review, what an honor! Flock away to her blog and have a look here.


  1. Claire!!! You totally made my day and I'm so happy to have met you!!!!! Thank you for everything you said, and thank you so much for guest posting!!! :-) xoxo Hope you are having a great Lorpilicious weekend!