Maquia September 2013 - The Bible Part!

Continuing on with exploration of the Maquia magazine, this time I present you the insert, aptly entitled "Flawless Autumn New Color Bible" And a bible indeed it is, featuring 955 how-tos of over 71 brands! Beware, this post is picture heavy.

Pages upon pages of diagrams like this, I am having a hard time to choose just a few.

First off, there are three mini articles in regards to variation to Autumn makeup look. This one is especially of interest. It features the "sweet progressive makeup style" of French and Japanese girl

The French girl variation is coquettish with a combination of thick brows and red hues.

A liquid blush (this one by Addiction Beauty) is blended on the back of the hands and applied on the eyelids all over from the inner toward the outer corner. Brows are filled simply with powder and lips are blazing red with NARS Velvet Matte lip pencil in shade Mysterious Red (thanks Lucinda).

The Tokyo girl variation is a "profound performance of the art of layering." Really, it does not need translating judging from the 4 different eye shadows used to achieve this look: NARS singles in Bavaria (2084), Abyssinia (2083), shade 2081 (described as "navy," I couldn't find a match), and Tom Ford In the Pink trio.

This makeup is so pretty, I think it suits Spring rather than Autumn, no?
First, swipe the Abyssinia all over the lids using fingers, and take the Bavaria to layer on top, especially around the inner corner and towards the outer corner. Next, smudge the navy color close to the lash line to give a smoky look. Finish off with the lightest color of TF palette on the lower eyelid. Fresh pink cheeks and peach lips, courtesy of YSL Rouge Pur Couture 51 Corail Urbane finish the look.

Next article groups several key items based on color theme: beige, red, khaki, blue, gray and purple. Here's a sampling of it.

Yes, that's toothbrush + cup on the LH panel.

The last article discusses about "hybrid" makeup. I really don't understand what's so "hybrid" about it. For e.g. for the Neo Natural on the RH panel is to "omit line" (literal translation, but I think in this case it means to blur/blend) and instead to use shadow to emphasize the eye structure. It features NARS eye liner to tightline across the top line and a Lunasol Quad.

The direction for Neo Natural look is as follow: 1. Use mid-tone eyeshadow over moving eyelids (most Japanese magazines refer this to "eye hole" area), 2. Highlight tone under the eyebrow bone (notice, NOT under the brow itself), 3. Shading over the area nearest to the nose bridge to deepen the slope (aka contouring), 4. Highlight on the lower lids, and 5. Tightline the top lash. Honestly, I much rather want the direction on how to knit the sweater that she wears -- it looks so cozy!

Now, to the meat of the bible: the how-to diagrams. I've picked a few that features Western brand -- all from Autumn 2013 collections. They are quite self-explanatory but if you want more info, please feel free to post a comment.

YSL Quad

MAC Quint? When will this be released?

Dior Quint

Chanel Mystere Quad
Tom Ford She Wolf Trio

Our Maquia menagerie is not yet complete; in part 3, we will revisit the main magazine for more techniques in lining the eyes. Stay tuned.

P.S. Have you visited Kate the Genius Driveller yet and her renditions of Maquia menagerie of her own?


  1. I love the 'Amelie' look of the French makeup and the neo-makeup looks really up my alley. I have to try out how highlighting under the browbone instead of eyebrow will turn out: even more awake? Also, that is an amazing sweater she's having on. Ps: I was linked by DrivellerKate and her 45degrees tutorial is incredibly amazing and surprisingly natural thinking it has come from stage makeup...

    1. I know, that sweater looks so cozy, right? And yes, Kate is just a total genius when it comes down to looks. Love how she applied the tutorial and made it her own look! Thanks for stopping by. Let me know if you are trying any of the looks featured here/at Kate's.

  2. Hi, I also came through Kate's 45 degree angle makeup post :) Just spent a while browsing through Land of Lorp, and I wanted to say thank you for all the lovely magazine scans + the commentary! I learned some rudimentary Japanese a year back but it's steadily leaving me, so I depend on you (and Kate) for these makeup goodies :)


    1. Only a year back? Well, my friend, anyone with knowledge of Japanese (esp just a year back) + the right apps can read any Japanese magazine :-D (i.e. "Imiwa" free apps for iPhone). Thanks for stopping by!

  3. OOOH! Maybe I won't get rid of In the Pink yet. I like all these looks including the red (cheek polish) as eye shadow.

    1. No, I think In the Pink is v. useful. Not by itself, but v. versatile layering color. You may even be able to do the "Elegant" look (the look on the page that features "Neo Natural").

      How are you enjoying your hiatus so far? We miss you Belly!

    2. I like the In the Pink layered over with a bright color. Hmm... I suspect I'm trying just too hard to make this trio work though. I don't like hard work.
      The vaccuum created by zero-blogging has now been filled with other aspects of life: like reading camera equipment reviews, eating more candy, cuddling the kids, et cetera. It's nice. :)

      Also work is insanely busy these days. Miss the blergh though.

    3. I don't know how bright the NARSs are in this look but it may look quite bright, at least the grey-green-teal one. I know what you mean, if it can be done with one color why two, right? Too much work..
      Good to hear you spend time doing useful/meaningful/mouthful things apart from blogging :-) The candies are really tempting and I have a basketful in front of me. Want some Dum-dums? Kit-Kats?

  4. I believe the caption says that the NARS matte lip pencil is Mysterious Red. Thanks for posting all these photos!

    1. Thanks! I don't use NARS lip pencils so I didn't realize that there is REALLY a "Mysterious Red" shade name for NARS matte lip velvet. I've updated it as such on the blog!

    2. Yes, I believe it's limited edition for this fall. Happy to help, and thanks so much for scanning all these beautiful images!

  5. I'm shuttling back and forth between Tokyo and Paris! Adore both looks, thank you so much for sharing! I think I'm lemming this issue of the magazine more than any item of makeup for holiday lol

    1. Let me know if you do a re-make of any of these dos. I totally agree, this issue is worth lemming more than the makeup featured in it. In fact, it inspires me to try all the looks with the makeup I already owned. Win-win.

      (Note to self: if only buying ONE Japanese beauty mags, let it be Maquia, the September issue).