Thankful Tuesday

It's been doom and gloom (again!) in the Land of Lorp, but we are as cheerful as ever: who doesn't like a sick day at home?
Sick day means staying at home resting, possibly baking, cooking, tea-brewing, and sitting by the fire while knitting & listening to audiobook.
Apart from the many blessings of staying at home, we are also thankful for:

  • ToddlerLorp being a bird-poop hunter. Yes, after exhausting all neighborhood squirrels, the Toddler now gets smart and realizes that bird poops are easier target. They are on the ground, they don't move, and they come in many patterns, textures, and shapes. He is so excited to see them, I just wish he wouldn't say "Hi, bird poop!!!!!" with his loud, outside voice when there's another person nearby. "Oh, he sure is cute, your son, he's so friendly!" headdesk
  • A good lipbalm, given by a budding mom-scientist friend
  • A slice of banana bread, fresh out of the oven (or the toaster on the next day)
  • Clean bathroom + sink
  • Clear nose (after days of sniffles)
  • Good neighbors that money can't buy
  • Sweet kabocha squash that money can buy
  • A heart-warming viral video here
  • A pair of warm slippers
  • A good night sleep
Finally, very thankful to be surrounded of all the wonderful bloggers I met along this journey: please see my Nap-Time reading and read them out!

What are you thankful for? Do share with us your gratitude for the day.


  1. "Hi, bird poop!" LOL! Thank you for this laugh at the expense of your adorble little toddler! I die die die. Maybe discerning bird poop patterns is like taking avain Rorschach. :)
    I'm thankful a big cup of coffee in the morning, because of all things, I truly am addicted and actually daydream about it.
    I'm thankful for a warm and comfortable bed, when even I can't sleep, feels nice.

    Not too much to report today, but things on my mind.

    Happy Week, Claire!

    1. Thanks :-) I don't know how ON EARTH he knows how to say "Hi" to bird poops.. I don't know where he picked it up. One time, he asked me about the bird poop on my windshield, and I think that stuck with him. He is a late talker, so he is experimenting with social greets. E.g. he'd say "Hi!" to stuffed animals and to people, and every now and then to the dogs/cats/squirrel/stray animals, now to bird poop. I bet your sophisticated children didn't go through this phase, did they?

    2. They were not great early talkers or walkers. And one had a fascination with zippers and clasps. (unzip/zip/unzip/zip) and another was a master of fine motor skills and nose-picking. :) They've mostly outgrown that now.

    3. Oh yeah, the dreaded fine motor skills of nose-picking.. the Toddler has picked up on it, too every now and then, I'm just trying not to make such big deal about it but still embarrassed to hell when he does it in front of someone else..

  2. lol your toddler sounds adorable lol. I would love it if i saw him lol

    1. Thanks BBunny! I'm glad you found him so, I'm his mom so I'm always biased :-)