Thankful Tuesday

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” Eckhart Tolle.

Back to business as usual here at the Land of Lorp, I'd like to start off the week by giving thanks, in particular for:

  • Health.
    Cheesy, yes. But it's one thing that: 1. money can't buy (no matter how careful you are taking care of your body) 2. you miss it right away when you don't have it, and 3. doesn't always come back when you need it. Thankful that health is here with us now.
  • Clean water.
    Another cheese, until a recent convo with an old college roommate who now lives in Japan. She needs to buy gallons of especially treated water for her children to drink due to radiation contamination from Fukushima. Clean water that we take for granted everyday. No, we are not talking about somewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa or some desert country. We are talking in a world that is as developed as we are in the U.S., where children go to school and day care and parents work just like anyone of us. 
  • Parents.
    Being a mom, I'm neither subservient nor narcissistic, at least I hope, by saying this. Whether or not you have any children, whether or not you like your own parents, your future depends on these parents raising the next generation. For their children will be your grocery checkers, baristas, doctors, lawyers, pension fund managers, policy makers, nursing house aides, etc. etc. 
  • Ice cream in November.
    Especially when served with lots of whipped cream and caramel sauce.
  • Hot soups.
  • Someone holding up the door when I was juggling the grocery and the Toddler.
  • Time for myself.
  • Silence.
What are you thankful for today? This week? I warmly invite you to share the abundance you have received today.


  1. Aw, thankful Tuesdays are such a nice tradition. I think taking the time to introspect & reflect on the little good moments of life can really increase happiness. I'm particularly thankful this week for some warm and fun conversations with friends, as well as the nice weather we've been having in California :)

    1. Thank you, Quinn for sharing with us your gratitude. Friends are definitely the best. They make life worth living. And nice weather, we can certainly use some here!!