A Year of Gratitude

Anyone has any recommendation for online collage maker?
When I look back throughout the year, there are many things that stuck in my memory. Winter comforts like hot tea and soups, cherry blossoms in the Spring, lots of outdoor play during hot Summer days and walks in crunchy leaves during Fall. I am also grateful for so many of you who have visited my measly blog throughout the year, dropping by with your comments, tweets, and collaborations (here and here).

For all of you, my warmest wish for the New Year. May it brings you peace and blessings, in obvious and not-so-obvious places.


  1. Happy new year, Claire! Thanks for a 2013 full of the comforting, thoughtful and generous posts you've shared with us :*

    1. Wishing you the very best, dear Kate and thank you for the creativity, inspiration, generosity and quirky writings that you've shared with us, too :-)

  2. I love your heart collage!!!!! A very belated and very happy new year to you and the entire family lorp :-) xoxo