Burberry Nails: General Comparison

Burberry Nails No. 105 Mink - a true minky color.

Burberry has came out with new line of nail polish. When a new product launch, I scour the internet not only to see swatches but also to learn product performance: texture, pigmentation, dry time, what base/top coat would be compatible etc. etc. and so far such reviews are lacking.

I will leave it up to other bloggers to take swatch pictures, color comparisons, etc. but here I'll present the technical aspect of the product.

Lipstick on the Left, Nail Polish on the Right.

Comparison size with other brands.

Size/Price Point
Notice how TINY the bottle is. Next to the nail polish bottle is Burberry lipstick. They are practically the same in size. Eight mL of product equals to $21, so that comes down to $2.62/mL of nail polish, a higher price point than Chanel at $1.77/mL or even Dior at $2.46/mL. But really, when do you actually finish a bottle of polish to the last drop? If you do, then maybe Burberry Nails is a splurge.

Left Dior, Right Burberry. While Dior brush look wider than Burberry in the picture, notice how much nail polish Burberry brushs soak up and thus fattening it up a bit, versus the Dior brush that hardly has any polish on it.

Brush Size
The wide brush measures at 4 mm across, the same as Dior's (although Dior's is tapered on the tip). It feels denser than Dior and a bit stiffer. Wide brush is hard to maneuver on my pinky finger (I had to hold the brush sideways to paint my pinky). Also, it is not as directional to paint around curved nail bed. But the thicker bristle is quite appropriate since Burberry's polish texture is considerably thicker than Dior's (if not the thickest polish I've tried so far). Which lead us to...

If Essie is runny like skim milk, and Dior is like whole milk, Burberry is like heavy cream. My preference is somewhere along the line of Chanel and OPI (2% milk?). Thick consistency means goopy polish around the smaller area of the nails (such as around the nail bed of my pinky). Also, if you don't perfectly line up your second coat on top of your first, it'll leave a demarkation area, sort of like two layers stack on top of each other.
Apart from that, it is self-leveling. I tried some of the pale colors in person, like Nude Beige and Nude Pink, they were also self-leveling with no streaking after it dried.

Dry Time
It claims to dry in 2 minutes and hardens in 6, which actually pretty close. I waited about 1 minute per coat and when I brushed on the second one on top, the first one already almost completely dried. Not bad for such a thick polish. However, again another down side of thicker polish, it stunk of solvent for two days. (Butter London, for e.g. hardly smells of solvent after just one night).

Wear Time based on Different Top+Base Coat Combo
I'm not sure if I qualify to offer any reviews in terms of nail polish wear time. I'm a part-time stay-at-home mom (read: changing diapers 5-6 times daily, cooking, bathing the little one, washing LO's hands, etc. etc. that require frequent and prolonged contact with water, the archenemy of nail polish), so polishes usually last around 2 days on my index, thumb, or other fingers that I used often. However, I compare wear time between different top/base coat combo so you can gauge if a particular combo is a good one or not. The comparisons below are based on my ring/pinky fingers.

Deborah Lippmann Hydrating Base + CND Super Shiney Top = 5 days wear, good combo!
DLHB + Chanel Top = 3-4 days wear, a bit of shrinkage on the tip, not a good combo.
DLHB + Dior Gel Top = 4 days wear.

Burberry Nails also comes with their own top/base coat-in-one.

THM: I feel Burberry excels in color. Their colors are always wearable, sophisticated, hard to emulate. There are so many taupes, but some are too yellow, too grey, too pink, too whatever, Burberry's is just right. Other than that, the texture is too thick and the brush is too wide for my taste.

Hope this helps! Visit other reviews of Burberry Nails at Gummy Vision and Cafe Makeup.


  1. i thought this post was super helpful! I have yet to try dior polish or burberry, and i know i like the thicker textures cause i'm not so ood with the thinner ones

    1. Have you tried OPI? If so, and if you want thicker, then I suggest moving up to Dior. Burberry is really THICK. Some may prefer this, some like me don't. Another option is to just play on the display counter before you purchase. Fortunately, Dior is available on Sephora, which is quite customer-friendly.