drybar: Sake Bomb and Hot Toddy

Do you notice the hand-written thank you note that was included in my drybar order? I thought it was a very nice touch!!

This is my second installment of drybar product review (see the first here) and I waited this long to share with you the result, just to be sure that 1. I use the products regularly to notice any kind of improvement or lack thereof, and 2. I use it in the winter months when my hair is really dry and in need some serious nourishment on top of the occasional insult of blow-drying. Links are included below, not affiliate, just for convenience and for those who'd like to see the ingredients.

I knew I had to order Sake Bomb Nourishing Shampoo right away when I ordered the Happy Hour 'poo + cond. Happy Hour set is really designed to give a long-lasting blow dry, so they cannot be too moisturizing, right? My routine is normally to double-'poo: once with Happy Hour and once with Sake Bomb, then conditioner. As a nourishing shampoo, Sake Bomb is noticeably more moisturizing than Happy Hour. My wet hair does not get tangled as much as when I used Happy Hour. It suds a lot and I can feel my hair and scalp feel quite clean. I like that it is sulfate-free; however, my hair is not colored so I cannot vouch to whether or not this actually strips color away. Overall, not bad for a moisturizing shampoo.

After Sake Bomb, Hot Toddy is a natural add-on, esp if you heat-style. This product acts as a leave-in conditioner before blow-drying or using hot styling tools. My HG heat protector has been Kerastase Nectar Thermique and if you also are a Kerastase fan, I think you are in for a bit of a disappointment. I found Hot Toddy does not even hold a candle to Nectar Thermique. Just to give you an idea, I had to use a bit more than a quarter-size dollop of Hot Toddy, compared to just maybe less than a dime size of Nectar Thermique (really, just a size of a pea), to achieve that glossy, silky, frizz-free strands on my mid-length hair. I found that if I don't apply enough Hot Toddy (the quarter-size dollop, per recommendation, was about accurate in my case), my hair looks a bit dry and easily tangled due at the ends. But on the flip side, if I use Hot Toddy too much, it actually weighs down my hair, whereas with Nutri Thermique, I only use but a smidgen so my hair is very bouncy and weightless. Not that Hot Toddy can't do what it supposed to do, in my case, I need a lot more to achieve it. Apart from that, I think this is probably best suited to those with good hair condition (aka, not overly damaged/processed), or perhaps for occasional use.

All drybar product are priced sort of mid-upper range, not cheap, definitely! I'd probably wouldn't use these on regular basis, but for those special occasions when I do blow dry, I'd definitely use them.

Have you tried drybar products?

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