Thankful Tuesday

Vandy, one of my orchid, in her glory days.
Over the holiday, we didn't get much of a break at all. In fact, I feel more depleted than ever, so much so I managed to buy a new pair of swimsuit just for the thought of lovely summer to come (my old one is.. God-knows-where). The adage of parents can't wait for their children to go to school again rang true to me: it was hard to spend time alone at home with the toddler while everyone else around us was enjoying festivities.

This is perhaps the time when I need to be reminded of the bounty around me the most. Things may look gloomy within, but all I can do is just look a bit outside to affirm that the world, is indeed, full of goodness and abundance.

This week, I'm especially grateful for:

  • New and old friends at the school
  • Free activities for toddlers at the local public library
  • Time to do something that I like doing each day 
  • A simple cup of tea 
  • Time to read a book
  • A new flower spike on Vandy (I thought it was root spike instead, no wonder it keeps growing above ground, duh!)
  • Playing with the Toddler at home, giggling silly over nothing and pretending to roll around in dirt until our heads were spinning
  • The goodness of cheddar bunny (aka "healthier" version of goldfish cracker snack, aka ToddlerLorp's gratitude list for the entire week!)
Abundance are only multiplied when shared, so please kindly share yours with us!


  1. I got such a squee out of thinking about Toddler Lorp's whole week's worth of gratutude for his cheddar bunnies! :)) That is SO CUTE!
    I'm thankful that the ominous sounding Polar Vortex of Death/Doom/Disaster seems to be receding.
    I'm thankful for my warm home & cuddly and statically electric family (must be all the fleece we be sportin')
    I'm thankful for my husband who braves the foot of snow outside to turn on the grill.

    1. I'd DEFINITELY be thankful for those things too! Hope the abominable polar weather is passing soon!!

  2. Those cheddar bunnies are SO yummy!!!! And aaaaah...love a good cup of tea! My niece tweeted a factoid thingy today that said the second most popular beverage in the world is tea - first is water!

    1. Your niece sounds like a little researcher!