Liebster sans Lobster

Every now and then, I got so lucky to have come across unknown strangers who fast becoming virtual BBFs. One of them is Belly from Wondegondigo, whose makeup & other opinions instantly just "clicks" (even down to baby poo and potty training incidences).

Being a relatively new blogger & a tiny one without much ambition (other than my personal satisfaction - how's that for intrinsic motivation, eh?), imagine my bewildereness when Belly tweeted me that I've been nominated for the Lobster award, which I quickly tried to recover from (ahem, a bit of PR damage control):


Being nominated with Liebster award is an honor and a nod that someone else actually read what I wrote. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Belly!! Sure, I wish she'd sent me a round-trip ticket to Maine, perhaps meet me at the airport, then a scenic drive in search for the perfect bite of that lobster roll, maybe her two mini Bellies would play the Toddler for a bit while we savor a perfect bite of lobster roll. Well, enough dreaming, let's get cracking with the assignment that entails this award.

1)  Your favorite fried chicken joint?  Bonus points if you can deliver it to my house.  You don't eat fried chicken?  Negative points for you.

Boy, don't I have a good one for you. The one we, the Lorps, frequented.

A Seattle institution (image from Esquire.com)
... which comes, not only with Oprah's endorsement, but also its own scandal and drama. Mr. Ezell's himself apparently was deep in disagreement with his family members over the ownership of the restaurants and the recipe when he decided to open a branch of Ezell's (which, ironically, couldn't be named Ezell's because that name was already taken).
Heaven Sent is actually closer to our home. Now it has been re-named, as "Southern Fried Chicken." (image from Cheap Eats Seattle)
Read all about it here at Cheap Eats Seattle. P.S. Skip the biscuits but get the coleslaw. PPS. I think the may deliver to the Eastern seaboard. PPPS. How many extra points will I get?

I cheated, this image is from Esquire.com again, but when we ordered some, we'll post them pronto!

2) Cake or Pie?  Choose carefully, my friend.  There is only one right answer.

Oh my. I'll settle for this.

image from wikimedia commons
3) What makeup product category is challenging to blog about and why?

Perfume, because of my poor writing skills; this is why I depend on other bloggers like Bois de Jasmin. It is such a hard item to describe and olfactory sensation is such a personal experience.

4) Red pill, blue pill.  Pick one and why?

Why pick one when you need both? For a super long flight, that was. Did I tell you my Toddler was also trying to climb the front seat for the 100th time?

It DOES exist! Er... sadly no more. Tylenol Rapid Release Gelcaps were recently discontinued. Good stuff that one..
O.k. I took my freebie of skirting the question with the Boston Cream Pie above.. well, everyone need both, right? Right? But truth to be said, I must side with Neo. Painful as it is to swallow, it is the only reason why we all are here.

5) Current music in high rotation.

Caspar Babypants, ad nauseam. Warning: do NOT click or this will also become your earworm.

6) In junior high / high school, what was super trendy that you had partaken in that you sincerely regret.  Extra bonus points for pictures.

No way, Jose! I wouldn't be caught dead posting pictures such as this:

I have a sister, I tell you that much.
7) On your burger (veggie/ meat/ whatever), what is your cheese topper of choice.

Monty-jack or American.

8) On a quiet evening all to yourself, what three things would you be doing?

Drinking tea, cuddling up in a sofa, watching K-drama.

9) Where is the farthest flung place you have traveled?  Where is the next place you plan on traveling to  (far or near)?

I think South East Asia is the furthest I've traveled. I hope we won't travel that far for a loooong while (the jet-lag really kicked ass). I think we'll do domestic traveling next; our families are in the Bay Area.

10) What's better, a beach vacation or a walking cultural vacation.

Goodness, Belly, why do always I have to choose? Can't life be both cherry and cake? O.k... beach beats cultural vacation anytime now, simply because lately, all I want to do is just to lay down and do nothing. Absolutely nothing. A sad decline from a cultural-fiend-old me sans family.

11) Since blogging, has your taste in makeup changed in any significant way?

Yes, I'm more and more curious about Asian-brand makeup, thanks to several indie bloggers out there. Not because Western-brand makeup doesn't suit me anymore, but because I'm in search of something different in terms of texture, color combination, taste, style, etc.

Well, I guess an honor does not come without a responsibility to nominate other bloggers for Liebster award. Sad to say, I know only a few of new beauty bloggers. Fear not, hat actually gives me a motivation to befriend other bloggers out there to nominate them for the Liebster, so I hope I can take a rain check on passing on the Liebster nomination.

Or, are you one of those new bloggers? Please write on the comment and I'll definitely pay your blog a visit!


  1. This made me SO very happy! Every answer which perfectly goes to show how you need more lobster! That does look awfully like good chicken. Hmm.. I may need to make a x-country chicken trek to end up there as final destination.
    How did you know Boston Cream Pie is the best cake/pie in the world and since it was a trick question and you got it right, I just...just... now I'm flabbergasted. You are JUST TOO DARN CLEVER with the blue/red pill. I mean literally. The BCPie AND blue/red pill!?!? Can this post get any more awesome? Well, NO. Since I clicked and listened to Googly Eyes. I have a really bad ear worm now. :(

    1. Well, what can I say, Belly, you got me and I got you :-D I had fun doing this post, thanks SOOO much for the tag! Now, maybe we can swap lobster for fried chicken?