Lunasol Full Glamour Lips 17

News flash, I'm in the middle of a divorce... with the Burberry lipsticks that is.

It ain't me, babe.

This is no ordinary separation, y'all. Burberry comprises the majority of my lipstick wardrobe. My philosophy on makeup is all about color and color that flatters worth its weight in gold. Burberry color palette and my skin tone is a match made in makeup heaven: their beiges have just enough hint and variation of pinks, yellows, browns, peaches that they create different nude-lip looks seamlessly and without me looking dead. Their brights are of the right pigmentation and balance that they never look garish/clownish while still on trend.

Alas, star-crossed lovers that we are, my idea of the perfect lipstick is unscented and moisturizing or at least comfortable to wear. As I get older, I can't to waste time wearing lipsticks that is just 90% right. It has to be 100% right, so le divorce is inevitable; I just can't stand Burberry's violet scent, plus its formula is not the most comfortable, either.

I've decided that there are other lines out there with both excellent formulation and sophisticated palettes. Besides, what's the fun in makeup without discovering new lines? I'm on a mission to ditch and replace the entire set of my Burberry lipsticks with something equivalent in color, but superlative in formula.

I've been really intrigued with Japanese brand lipsticks, particularly after an old love affair with Maquillage lip compacts. On my recent trip, I picked up Lunasol just because I thought this line is more readily available and reasonably priced (as to not fall in love with other hard-to-find lines).

Full Glamour Lips 17 (dull soft pink) easily knocks off 2-3 of my Burberry lipsticks in the nude-beige range. It is that MLBB, neutral-leaning-cool, dusky-nudey pink, with a touch of brown rather than mauve/copper to render its depth. It's the lipstick I carry daily for no-mirror application. As you can see, it is perhaps the exact dupe of Field Rose and slightly cooler than Nude Peach (both of the Lip Mist formula). On the lips, due to their sheer formula, the difference is miniscule.

Shade, full sun, shade swatches of Field Rose/Lunasol no 17/Nude Peach/Nude Rose (Lip Glow formula)

Now to the pudding. Formula-wise, it goes on like nobody's business. It does feel cushiony for a bit but I can tell that it sucks moisture from my lips (I noticed some prune-y lines emerged on my lips at the end of the day). It lasts maybe 2-3 hours, no shimmer, and goes on semi-opaque to allow my natural lip color to show through. Most of all, no scent, NO SCENT!! Yay!! (virtual cartwheel).

Immediately after arriving home, I regretted not buying a couple more lipsticks from Lunasol. I practically tried almost all of them on the counter (bless the patient SA!) but then I realize, there are so many other brands to try, so the adventure continues. The downside about this line is the lack of brights. Even the latest S/S2014 collection are somewhat muted, beiged-down version of what you see in promo pics.

THM: A worthy replacement for now. Definitely ditching Field Rose and Nude Peach (and maybe even others, like Copper or Cameo).

Have you undergone total makeup overhaul (or one item overhaul)? Would you recommend any other brand to me?


  1. I tried several Burberry and thought I liked them, but in actuality, they didn't seem to compare so favorably to the Japanese brands I've been more committed to. Have you tried some more drugstore Japanese ones?

    1. The only DS Japanese lippie that I've got was Kate: ok formula-wise but color-wise can be a bit better. Really would love to try the Visee, I must enter your giveaway!

  2. i'm so depressed about the burberry scent lol. i do like the formula though. good luck on your hunt!

    1. That's it. I'm DEPRESSED about Burberry sceant, too!