Sisley Paris Black Rose Cream Mask

For those who travel regularly, duty-free shopping must be a major attraction, especially in airports around Asia. It is quite unheard of that discounts are offered for name brands and these discounts can be quite steep!

During my flight from the U.S. to Taiwan, my body was desiccated to prune. The dry air was brutal and the long duration of flight (almost 12.5 hours) just sucked every moisture out of my body. I actually had to covering my nose with a scarf to breathe as the air was so dry. Before our flight back to the U.S., we arrived early at Taipei Taoyuan Airport only to find that they were having big promo and discounts for many makeup brands.

I purchased this Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask for approximately $86+ USD! In hindsight, I would have bought more items but I knew I'd regret impulse buy. This product is not something I would normally purchase back home without much research and recommendation. Besides, with a toddler on the run, beauty shopping was always a grab-and-go occasion.

Ingredient List
I thought this mask is just another cream moisturizer in disguise but surprisingly, it has the consistency of a lotion. It has a gentle rose scent that quickly dissipate. You are supposed to apply it thickly all over your skin (by that, the SA told me, a visible layer of lotion) and you can wipe the excess off after 10-15 minutes. During my flight, I applied the mask sparingly as to not smear it on myself or the Toddler, and I found that I did just the right thing: the mask is quite tacky, no doubt due to its high glycerin content. The tackiness is definitely magnet for lint or anything else near your face! Luckily I wore my hair pulled back but still, when I arrived home, I couldn't believe the amount of dirt that ended up on my skin. Nevertheless, the mask performed well as my skin felt plump and moisturized during the entire duration of the flight.

Besides being sticky, this mask has another surprising downside. I tried the mask again shortly after I arrived home, on freshly cleansed and toned skin (using the Hada Labo Hyaluronic lotion toner lightly), following the instruction to apply visible layer of it. I left it for about 15 minutes but when I try to "wipe" the excess off, the mask balled up all over. I thought the balling-up may be due to the Hada Labo toner, so the next night, I tried again on freshly cleansed skin, no toner. Again, after 15 minutes, when I tried to remove the excess off (the little that was left anyway), it balled up, again! Massaging the leftover mask onto the skin is also not an option as any type of rubbing will cause the mask to ball up. What a conundrum.

Leaving a layer of this mask on is actually quite impractical. As I mentioned, the mask is rather tacky due to the glycerin. Suppose you are going to put on your makeup base after the mask, it can feel rather gooey and maybe even make your base slide off. If you are going to sleep with the mask on, I suppose you'll have to tolerate having sticky pillowcase and hair stuck all over your cheeks.

As a solution, I apply the mask sparingly so everything is fully absorbed in the amount of time that I have. Say, I have 30 minutes - 1 hour before bed, then I'll put on the mask sparingly. By bed time, the tackiness has been down to minimum and I can either apply my regular night-time cream or go straight to bed. Similarly, you can just apply a layer of the thickness that you want and go to bed when the layer becomes bearably/reasonably "dry" to the touch.

THM: The jury is still out for this mask. It does deliver a dose of moisture and it does not bother my skin, yet the formulation can be a bit more user-friendly.

Coincidentally, Lisa E. featured this mask on her video here. Have you checked out this mask or the other Sisley mask that she mentioned (Express Flower Gel)?


  1. Thanks for this detailed review Claire. This winter, while my skin was so dry and sad, I wanted to get a good moisturizing mask but kind of dithered too long to buy anything. (and look, Spring coming around the bend!) I did think about the Express Flower gel, but I have to admit that the price deterred me from looking at it any closer. I kind of got by this winter by layering on aquaphor when things got really bad. The balling texture of the black rose mask doesn't sound so great. I hate stickiness and weird textures the most in moisturizing products.

    1. Belly!! I've got a better moisturizing mask in mind: Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Vitalizing Masque:


      I just got a sample from Sephora: no balling up, terrific hydration, no tackiness to be had for hours. Really beats this Sisley, I think!

    2. Oh noes! More AP! Let me see if I can also get a sample of this. Have you also tried any of the AP sheet masks? those feel really nice, too. Though sheet masks make me feel a bit claustrophobic.

    3. Yes, just ask Sephora SAs for a sample. It is in a sachet - gel/cream type consistency, no claustrophobia! Haven't tried the sheet masks unfortunately but I have a feeling any kind of Asian skin care line excels in making masks.

  2. this was in the recent glossybox and i haven't tried it yet. thanks for info about it! Also, i just noticed i was in your sidebar - thank you!! :) lol

  3. I had a very large sample of this mask and I liked it a lot. It left my skin very moisturized and I've considered buying the full size. I used to just wash off though, i had no idea you are supposed to "wipe" it off. Don't give up on it.