Trip to Asia

Top L-R: Merlion overlooking Marina Bay/Toddler enjoying Milo, dubbed the "national" children drink in Singapore/one of the hawker food center.
Middle L-R: Fresh seafood eaten seaside at Jimbaran, Bali/offerings to the sea Gods/enjoying our idyllic hotel pool
Bottom L-R: lazy panda at Taipei Zoo/one of the many feast we partook with family in Taiwan/hand-pulled noodle that the Toddler loves

We had a good fortune of almost 3-week traveling in Asia. We went to Singapore and Taipei to visit PapaLorp's extended family with a side trip to Bali, Indonesia. It was the first overseas trip for ToddlerLorp and it was quite an adventure. Traveling with a young child definitely shift our perspective and priority. When I was there, I wish I could tour all the shopping malls, as these Singapore and Taiwan are mecca for beauty shopping, but in the end, I'm glad that I spent more time with family and just hanging out, enjoying the new places.

Sorting through the pile of pictures that we took during the trip was a daunting task, compounded by kick-ass jet-lag that we still suffer (waking up wide awake at 2 AM only to zonk out shortly after breakfast). I present a few that I think summarized what this trip was all about: animals, food, and family. I will write more trip-related posts later.

In the light of the missing Malaysia Airlines, I still cannot get over how lucky we are to have arrived back home safe and sound. We were flying out of Singapore to Taipei at about the same time, no doubt over the same territory. My heart goes out to all the families and people on board as the search continues.


  1. I would like to live in this post! Sounds like you had wonderful experiences and memories and looking forward to more posts (especially about the food!)

    1. The food was beyond fantastic! I think I've gained gazillion pounds after just 3 weeks. Thanks for stopping by.