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Our regularly scheduled MOTW is interrupted by the latest gift from the Tod's preschool: I found myself last week with 101+ fever, chills, body ache and the works. Thankfully, though, shake and bake = enforced (voluntary) down time, and during those down times I've been watching some unusual selections from Youtube which resurrect one of my old love: drama love.

I'm a High School's Drama Club drop-out, favoring the Computer Club and its surely useful programing language Logo. I've never been a literary buff, I enjoy reading, theatre, poetry, but the extend of my Shakespeare is the Cliff's Notes. Thankfully like many pleasures in life, a good performance just leaps and fills your entire being with joy, without you needing to analyze much about it.

An gentle introduction to the true-to-form theatre, Ben Kingsley as Feste in the movie version of Twelfth Night. Yes, he sung all those ballads and more.

For intermission, this one will surely leave you smiling:

Back to the Future er.. Past, in the series Playing Shakespeare, David Suchet and Patrick Stewart potrayed the same character, Shylock, from Merchant of Venice. If such a lecture is not your cuppa, the piece from 14:40 - 18:20 will give you a taste that these two gentlemen are so, so much more than Poirot or Picard. Sometimes, I do wonder if Hollywood grossly misrepresents their tremendous talents.

By the way, Ben Kingsley, Ian Mckellan and other actors also participated in the Playing Shakespeare series.

I hope they did have some kind of recording for the No Man's Land/Waiting for Godot Rep which sadly closed just recently. But even if I knew about the play, I have a feeling I would not get a chance at scoring the ticket. I'll just live precariously through Youtube and the bits that are floating out there.

Are you a fan of theatre? Have you seen a good performance lately?

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