Giving Burberry Nail Polish A Second Chance

This lousy iPhone picture was taken only to give you an idea of a 4-day old manicure that is still going and going and going...

I hate returning things. I * hate * it. As much as many other women from other countries would have given anything to have such liberal return policy allowed to us, the ladies of the U.S.A, I just hate bringing the product back on the counter, feeling half-guilty, half-deserving only to find an equally unapproving face of the SA, whom I swear I will never see again, ever. There's always that hanging feeling of both relief and remorse; what's going to happen to the product I just returned? I hope it won't become yet another land-fill commodity, just because I wanted to "try" things for the sake of my own vanity, will it?

And the guilty feeling? Why there are lots of opportunity to test before buying, of course, from make-over events, to liberal testers, etc. But makeup things are variable in terms of their test-ability. Foundation/skin care? Yes, many counters are liberal with their samples and I think everyone should take advantage of this. Lip gloss, mascara, eyeliner? Jamais de la vie. Lipstick? Ok.. if you can get over the icky factor of trying on the tester (will this give me herpes/cold sores?). Nail polish? Nope. There's no amount of in-store testing that will give reliable indication of the two most important thing in nail polish: application and longevity, for the product in question must be applied in the manner/condition similar to what you would have done at home.

So this Burberry Nail Polish in Mink no. 105 has been stuck with me for quite some time, occupying my tiny nail polish shelf. I dislike the thick consistency, albeit the beautiful color. Plus, I found the wear time vary a lot. There were times when it peeled in sheets in a matter of two-three days after application (why bother!) and times when it chipped the very next day. 

Nevertheless, in an effort to... er, not turning it into yet another toxic landfill, I tried to give it another go, this time by watching a long-winding Netflix movie. I started off by using Deborah Lippmann Rehydrating Base Coat, followed by one thin polish of Mink (not easy to achieve, remember the heavy cream consistency?). I waited a long time. Not two minutes, more like 10-15 minutes, while the protagonist of our movie trudging through Bagghar and cleaning up the edge of each nail with acetone. Did I mention I also wrapped around the free edge of the nail (something I never, ever do and worked just fine with my other beloved Dior, Chanel, OPI polishes)? Next, a second thin coat, wrap and wait another 5-10 minutes. Then CND Super Shiney Top coat, again wrap and wait.

Lo and behold, my manicure never lasted this long. Today is day 4 without showing signs of wear and tear. As I mentioned before, I wear my nails hard. Glad I found a way to salvage this beautiful color into a wearable, albeit high-maintenance application for once in a while.


  1. Wow lady, I am so impressed you resurrected this polish!!! I also find my polish lasts mucho better if I let it set longer between coats. Unfortunately I like to keep my nails really short, so polishing the tips (edges?) is always a challenge and usually ends up in a complete mess so I don't bother. Wish I could get that to work though because it seems like it would really help! Yay for long lasting manicures!!!! :-)

    1. I hear ya.. I never, like I said, ever wrap around the free edges, apart from using this Burberry n/p. Why bother? And I do keep my nails short, like maybe 1-2 mm longer at most (icky things can get in between when you are changing diapers/cleaning potty mess, ugh!). So I literally just swipe a gigantic swipe over my fingertips. The clean up is super easy, those n/p just peel off after I wash my hands. Only w/ Burberry though.. I won't do this with my other trusty n/p.