Monday MOTW

Liberty print J.Crew Makeup Bag. Art and half-chewed Real Technique Miracle Complexion Sponge courtesy of ToddlerLorp

After somewhat a basic week, I crave some color. This week, I'm experimenting with some warm, coral colors.

  • SkinFood Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB SPF 20 PA+
    A goodie from recent Asian travel. I wear the lightest shade No 1. Light Beige, which is a perfect match to my face once blended (the swatch below looks garishly pink but I think it is because the mineral sunscreen in it reflects the light). It has a decent coverage and a moist finish reminiscent of last week's Chantecaille Just Skin. Such a shame that such an affordable, high performing BB cream would sport such gimmicky honey scent (I hope the grammar police won't come and get me for using such three times in a sentence). 
  • Kanebo Coffret d'Or Black ink liner.
    I suspect mine is a discontinued model from years ago, but it produces the blackest of black that lasts throughout the day without it being waterproof. Something about the formula that is sebum-resistant. Here's a version that is available today.
  • Burberry Trench eye shadow for base.
  • Le Métier de Beauté Creme Fresh Tints in Coral Nymph.
    A nice milky coral. Delicate Hummingbird (where is she, btw? I miss her..) has a great post about it here. Truly good for lips and cheeks, certainly on the drier side of lips but much creamier than say, BB pot rouge. 
  • LMdB Chameleon Eye Shadow.
    A complex dusky celery green with gold and copper shimmer, really lovely. It is almost duochrome on my lids, sometimes flashing gold, other times greenish. Hard to explain.. I can't believe I'm not reaching for this more often. It looks flat antique gold on the picture, but it is really greener in person.
  • LMdB Champagne Eye Pencil.
    I use this most of the time -- to quote Mary Greenwell -- "to take the blondness out of the eyes" especially when I just need a little definition without being too obvious. I also use this as e/s base to modulate the shadow color on top, as in Le Métier's own advice of Couches de Couleurs.
  • Little Witch Mote Mascara.
    Still loving this. I'm nursing every single last drop.
  • Innisfree Eco Flower Tint in Camelia.
    Another travel haul. Goes on very cushy but readily absorbed on my parched dry lips, the tint turns into stain that lasts for hours. Be forewarn that this thing will suck every single moisture from the lips. It has some boozy-flowery-lychee scent to it that sadly lingers. It goes on pinker than it looks. I put this on, then top the lips with the Creme Fresh and then some more balm. It is such a beautiful color, the balm makes it a bit more wearable & tolerable (I use Aerin's or Nuxe).
I aim for an overall fresh look that is still Spring-appropriate and not at all summery. On a side note, what happen to LMdB? My local Nordstrom seems to cease carrying this line (practically nothing is available anymore, either via online/in store), my local Neiman's does not have everything stocked. Then, I get this "Shop the Vault" emails about monthly "subscription" program from their own website. When a brand do "not-your-usual-readily-available retail" like this, I do wonder if the products not selling that much anymore that they need to secure customers with subscriptions. Anyone knows? Either way, I think these products from LMdB are fabulous and worth a look-see.

Cloudy-day, iPhone picture for reference: SkinFood BB Cream, LMdB Coral Nymph, LMdB Champagne e/p, LMdB Chameleon e/s, Innisfree Camelia tint.

Have a nice week, everyone!


  1. Where is your makeup bag from?? It's so cute!!! Love the swatches...looks like perfect coral-y goodness :-)