Running on Empties

I really do admire bloggers who frequently post their empties. I think it takes real "dedication" to use up a product, especially those that do not deliver. At this point in my life, I'm super picky of picking my products, my empties posts would be so boring because I hardly spend any money on new items.

Nevertheless, I think empties posts are opportunity for mini review, so let's get started.

Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid:
A staple, I've used this for years. I use it as toner right after cleansing, before or after Hada Labo lotion. Definitely the best, more affordable option of chemical exfoliator in the market. I'm less inclined to try anything else because this one is done right in so many ways (pH is low, packaging is perfect, consistency is just right, non-stinging/irritating, and fragrance-free). The reason I choose the liquid version v.s. the gel/lotion version is that the liquid version has a lot less ingredients on it: less ingredients, less potential irritation. Love, will always repurchase.

Skin Food Honey Black Tea Jelly Foam:
A gift from the Skin Food store from Asian trip. This overly-scented, super drying, sudsing cleanser is basically garbage for my dry skin. I use it as a backup hand soap in my diaper bag for when we are out and about. If I wouldn't use this on my face, I wouldn't recommend you to, either. Enough said.

NeoCurtis Lumiere Bio-restorative Eye Cream with PSP:
What do you expect from your eye cream? Most people would say wrinkle reduction, decreasing puffiness, brightening of undereyes. My friends, I have none of that. What I have are sunken undereye areas due to loss of fat and aging which gives an illusion of dark circle and crow's feet which are getting deeper, again due to loss of fat, aging, and sun damage. Therefore, I'll never ever expect an $50 eye cream to fix all that -- that's too tall of an order even for a plastic surgeon. My expectation on this one was pretty low, and so is the result. It does make a nice base for my concealer to glide on, but for that, my regular face moisturizer will do. Won't repurchase.

dryBar Sake Bomb (review right here):
Won't repurchase -- too expensive and not enough result. I do, however, found a suitable replacement, a lot less expensive and more readily available. Review to come soon.

Biore UV Aqua Rich:
I bought and wore this when I was in Asia i.e. v. humid weather. I personally won't wear it here, or even buy it again; it was way too drying even back in Asia. It is an water and alcohol-based sunscreen, loaded with film-former and oil-absorbing particle that creates matte finish once applied. It makes for an excellent makeup base, again for oily skin, maybe combo skin. I ended up using this on my hands. The good news is that it gives a very good sun protection. 

Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Cleanser:
I've got this for ages, one bottle probably lasts me a year or two. I strictly use this only in the shower when I have no time to cleanse my face before with my balm cleanser. It does a decent job removing even the most tenacious waterproof sunscreen, again in the shower (NOT on the sink -- the shower is hotter, more humid, we tend to stay longer in it and thus increasing the cleansing "power" of any cleanser). Will always purchase.

Albion EXAGE samples of Bright Cleansing Oil and Moist Crystal Milk II:
The cleansing oil is very nice: it takes off all makeup and tenacious waterproof Asian-brand mascara. Moist Crystal Milk II is another story. It does give that moist skin akin to Asian skin care aesthetic, but it is loaded with a bunch of other crap that I don't care about (ethanol is one of them).

I hope you've enjoyed this mini review. Have you use any of the above products?


  1. bummer the skinfood didn't work for you. i liked the sample or two i tried of it. i bought the cleansing milk version and find that too scented most of the time :/

    1. This cleanser is basically a soap cleanser, and I don't use that, so it's basically just not something I'd buy anyway. I found SkinFood products way too scented, such a shame b/c I like their BB cream.

  2. I always love reading people's empties posts. Its a great way to find new products.

    1. Glad you find it interesting & thanks for stopping by.