The PHD thesis: Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment

As I said before, there's no such thing as "good makeup day" but there's a big importance on having a good hair day. My problem is I have little time getting ready in the morning anyway, much less time to do my hair. Most of the time, I take my shower and wash my hair when the Tod is taking a nap (aka mid-day) or after he goes to bed at night. In the morning, I just did my skin care & makeup. But if I don't do my hair, I'll look like c%rp for the rest of the week.

So, when a while ago the ladies at Makeupalley Family Board were clamoring about PHD, Perfect Day Hair by Living Proof,  I have to test it to see if it can be the holy grail product that I've been looking for. My thought is, if I can prolong my style just by even a day more, that means a day I don't have to worry about juggling things and possibly starting the third World War with the Tod. 


This patented molecule OFPMA supposedly repel grease & dust to make hair looks fresher longer. Another molecule PBAE supposedly gives volume. I checked the patents on these two molecules, the holders are people from Living Proof. Hmm.. do they test these on animals? I hope so, so at least I know that these won't give me cancer. Flock here for product ingredient list.

End points:
  1. non-greasy looking bangs
  2. style still holds up the second/third day if I style my hair in the morning
  3. style still holds up if I style my hair the night before and go straight to bed --> ain't it the true test of any styling product. If it survives the overnight sleep, it'll survive anything.

I wash my hair with conditioning shampoo (lately it is dryBar Sake Bomb). Then put on some conditioner (dryBar Happy Hour conditioner or Kevyn Murphy). Then I put PHD styling 5-in1 approximately a-dime-sized dollop on my just-below-the-shoulder-length hair, spreading from roots to tips, just as suggested. Then I style as usual, usually blow dry using 1.5 an 3 inches barrel brushes. I do not put extra styling products on top of PHD.


The product consistency is similar to a thick cream/gel conditioner. It is scented but isn't overpowering (a lot less stinkier than Elnett hairspray). It does not weigh down my thin hair and it spreads nicely.

  1. It does make my bangs less greasy looking, especially on the second and the third day, but the roots on my crown does look visibly greasy on the third day.
  2. My style holds up some on the second day, went straight on the third day. 
  3. Style went flat right after waking up in the morning when I styled my hair the night before with PHD. Usually, when I get my hair blow-dried professionally, it can retain some of the styling the next day (I sleep on satin pillow sheet for this purpose). 
  4. I found that when I use PHD, my hair is having a hard time retaining curls/curling. I have to blast hot air several times before achieving the same curl that I would have without using PHD. 
  5. My hair looking nice and smooth right after styling. No noticeable volumizing effect, definitely comparable with using my regular volumizing mousse.

PHD only prolongs my hair style by one day. I usually wash every other day, now I can wash on the third day, but with visibly greasy roots on the crown. Unfortunately, it does not aid styling; in fact, it is harder for my hair to hold curls when I use PHD. Maybe I should combine it with PHD 'poo and conditioner for best result? I don't know.. both are pricey. I suspect that perhaps PHD is better used in conjunction with hot-styling tools like straight/curling irons. I also think that maybe you should still use your regular styling products on top of PHD to retain style.

My next research project is to bring PHD to a professional blow-dry bar. Who's willing to fund me in this research endeavor (it's $35 a pop in my neck of the woods)?


For home styling, not worth the money & effort. Won't repurchase.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment ($26) is available at Sephora, Nordstrom or online from their website.

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