MOTW: Splurge and Save

The inspiration

This beautiful Chantecaille Save the Bee Palette look is utterly glowing. More inspiration of a real-life look can be found at Island Fever Sisters here

Pictures from chantecaille.com
But alas! I have neither $83 lying around waiting to be spend nor been impressed with the quality of Chantecaille eye shadows so far. So that's when I started..

The save

..shopping my own stash, I use:

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation no 52 + Healthy Mix Concealer no 51
Still loving these combo. I've forgotten how good they are!

Eve Lom Radiance Lift Foundation SPF 15 in shade Honey 12
I normally wear the lightest/second lightest shade of foundation range. I got this sample in Honey 12 is the second darkest shade which I don't waste and I use as contour instead. Glowy, radiant, and seamless, a little goes a long way. I can't vouch for its performance as overall foundation, though, but as contour color it is lovely.

RMK Mix Colors for Cheek 02 Coral
A lovely pinky-coral, not unlike the Nectar from Chantecaille palette. As a bonus, the sheeny pink block doubles as a highlighter.

Lunasol Sand Natural Eyes 04 Cool Sand
A mini review of this palette: it contains shimmery white, sparkly beige-grey (with golden and silver shimmer/sparkle), satin beige-grey (that is similar in tone to the sparkly one), and dark grey-chocolate shades. This is quite a lovely palette, color-wise it complements my skin tone and eye color. But if you are looking for buttery shadow texture, look elsewhere. All the colors, with the exception of the dark grey-chocolate, goes on very sheer and I think it is intended to be that way. I wear it sans primer, but you definitely can (Lunasol makes a good eye primer as well, which makes me think that their shadows are not as pigmented). 
For this look, I use the two mid-tone shades all over the lid, and the darkest shade near lash line and socket.

Shiseido Maquilage Clean Contrast Eyes SV844
An old, old palette which deserves a lot of love. I use the light blue shade in the inner corner for a pop of blue and the darkest shade do line.

Le Volume de Chanel Mascara in 10 Noir
A sample, glad to have used this. This is the type of volumizing mascara that uses plastic/molded wand, not the fiber/brush wand. It is quite interesting. The formula is goopy but the brush does all the job of separating the lashes.

And finally...

The splurge

Dior Addict Fluid Stick in 373 Rieuse
A treat for myself on Mother's Day. Rieuse is a lovely everyday pop color and the formula is surprisingly comfortable despite containing alcohol in the ingredient. This is a dead ringer to Burberry Primrose Hill Pink so I bid her adieu. A well-earned splurge, indeed!
They use a bright fuchsia lipstick for the Chantecaille look whereas Rieuse is a coral pink which does not register any fuchsia tone at all. Nevertheless, it is a lovely complement to the coral cheek and my overall look has the same feel to the inspiration picture.

Is there anything more satisfying than shopping your stash and finding out that you've got what you need all along? 

Happy Mother's Day to all my fellow readers, whether or not you have children. As a woman, you are a mother when you give of yourself to others in whatever way you do. 

The lovely Monika from Rocaille Writes so kindly bring this up to my attention. Here's a quick comparison between Dior Rieuse and Burberry Lip Cover Primrose Hill Pink. I really should have not said it is a "dead ringer" -- a lesson in blogging integrity! Although it looks almost identical on my lips, I acknowledge that there are differences. Rieuse leans more coral, PHP is duskier, rosier. On rosy lips like mine, the difference is subtle since Rieuse is less opaque than PHP, allowing my natural lip tone to shine through. They are of the same depth of color, I'd say. These pictures were taken under shaded sunlight. I did manual white balance and I didn't compensate for the exposure. Sorry for the shaky/blurry picture, I didn't use tripod for this one. Hope it helps some!

R: Burberry Primrose Hill Pink, L: Dior Rieuse


  1. Your old Shiseido palette looks beautiful, I love that light blue! Speaking of Dior Fluid Sticks, from what I've seen online I would have picked Rieuse for myself as well - but I recently swatched Primrose Hill Pink next to some of the lippies currently in my stash, and it's so, so similar to MAC Viva Glam Cyndi and quite similar to Givenchy Le Rouge in Rose Taffetas :/ So I guess, no Rieuse for me!

    1. I think PHP is not a unique color but it's one of those versatile color to have in lipstick wardrobe. How do you like Givenchy's lippie formula? Is it scented?

    2. Thank you for swatches, Claire! They ARE very similar, but Rieuse looks a touch more coral - I wonder if those warm tones would pull more on my lips. I might spring for it at some point, it looks lovely in your and Kate's swatches! Also, on my skin Primrose Hill Pink swatches a lot redder/rosier and more muted than what I can see in your photos. It's all super interesting how shades can look so diffrent on different complexions.

    3. Also, forgot to say - I like Givenchy Le Rouge formula, it's quite a comfortable satin/matte. I believe it's violet-scented? Not too bad though, doesn't linger for a long time.