Thankful Tuesday

Dahlia Bakery Donuts. From Seattle Serious Eats.

I had a chat with a girlfriend the other day, she confided in me that her husband (who is perhaps only one or two years older than I am) is recently prescribed Lipitor for cholesterol. I thought, gosh, he's not that old, and taking Lipitor already? Am I almost there, too? I'm certainly grateful that my health still allows me to enjoy things I often take for granted, like:

  • Dahlia Bakery donuts that I enjoy with the Tod today. I'm talking freshly fried, fluffy, billowy, warm bites of donuts, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, slathered with seasonal jam (this time it is rhubarb) and whipped vanilla mascarpone. Being a good mom that I am, I let him have the last bite.
  • A nice family brunch at Lola last weekend, to commemorate PapaLorp's birthday and Mother's day combined, featuring a thick-cut bacon that was sooo good, I had to ask the waiter where I could find them (she didn't know, sadly).
  • House-made maple pork breakfast sausage at the said establishment.
  • ... and a serving of perfectly poached egg. With Hollandaise sauce. On perfectly toasted English Muffins.
Other non-food grateful things:
  • Meeting other moms through parenting class
  • My work that allows me to spend time with my child at home while taking care of him most of the days
  • Tea (I drink Sa Sencha today)
  • Good nail day (is there such thing? I have on OPI Care to Danse)
  • A quiet time to write this post
Please share with us your gratitude for the day/week.


  1. Aaah Maaah Gawd, donuts!!! You've just reminded me that we used to live around the corner from Top Pot in Bellevue, and when I used to come back home from work before 10pm, there would be this delicious cinammon vanilla donut scent wafting through the street... No donuts here in NYC yet (I refuse to trust Dunkin), but pretty fabulous French pastries and gelato. I can be grateful for that!

    1. Get out!! You used to live around the corner from Top Pot donuts? We love Top Pot! We always have them when we go to Bellevue Mall.
      Well, now you are in a paradise of bakery, patisseries, all goodie foodie galore and *I* envy you.