Thankful Tuesday

The little and big things that worth being grateful for this week:

  • A clean house. Ah.. nothing compared to the feeling that everything is in order, clean and a little bit lighter after organizing. The Qi is definitely flowing in the house.
  • Wendy's drive thru, especially when the Tod is sleeping (totally negate my previous post, I know, but life is such duality & contradiction, no?)
  • The Tod's teacher in his preschool; hardly we stop and think about teachers, especially those of younger children, for their job is almost a combination of parenting + teaching all in one. I'm definitely thankful for them and for the tremendous responsibility that they take when they chose the teaching job.
  • A good working car with a good working AC (my car is 17 years old and it is still running, thankfully!)
  • PapaLorp taking the Tod over during the weekend
  • A good night sleep
  • A time to read
  • Yummy popsicles from the Farmer's Market
  • The Tod's eating popsicle, with elbow dripping with sticky juice, right down to his shirt and short
What's on your list this week?

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