I know, I know. The week is almost over but better late than never. I planned to post this on Monday but things happen. "Things" meaning the Tod waking up from his nap, barging into the bathroom while I was trying to take the much-needed shower and insisted that I came out with him. There went my 2-hour of solitude and a chance of looking half-decent. I'd like to know how stay-at-home moms take her showers with a toddler (or two!!) on the loose.

This week, I've decided to try Japanese tuto of "Reverse ULTRA-C" featured by Kate the Driveller on her recent post here. If you've been following me for a while, I adore everything Japanese (Korean a v. close second, darn the kimchi!) and I do secretly want to join the club and be one of those flawless-skinned ladies. Although my eye shape is classically "caucasian" I love adopting Japanese/Korean makeup technique and some of them do work well. For e.g. I use the color gradation placement quite a bit; focusing on the darkest on the lashes and using lighter colors moving up. I found this technique much more flattering than giving a definition to the crease where the skin is the saggiest & crepey-est. Initially, I doubted that the Reverse ULTRA-C would work on my eyes, but with a bit of tweak, I actually manage to adopt the look although sadly, you will never see my picture on this blog :-D

O.k. so here's what I do:
  • Tom Ford Quad in Enchanted.
    Perhaps this quad is not ideal for doing the Reverse-C look by reasons mentioned below, but it needs some much needed love so we'll make this work! It consists of two shimmer, one glitter, and one matte shades. In order for the look to work on my eyes, I blend the mid-tone lavender with darker matte wine shade into nothingness on the back of my hand. Then, I place this trace of mixture on the outer corner of the crease, just enough to give a definite shadow, but not shimmery as to emphasize the skin beneath. Using mid-tone shadow (as directed by step no. 3 in the tuto) does not work in my case: it did not give enough contrast to define the eyes, and especially since the mid-tone shade in this TF palette is shimmery, it will only emphasize the fine wrinkles on my lid.
    I dabbed a teeny, tiny hint of the glitter shade in the middle of the lid (closer to the lash line, away from the movable part, again to down play the saggy crease and to open up the lid space underneath).
    I do lower lash-line as prescribed by the tuto. Lots of mascara to contrast the glittery lids behind the lashes.
  • Le Volume de Chanel Mascara
    Still good from the last time I used it
  • Le Metier de Beaute Creme Fraiche Fresh in Coral Nymph.
    Applied somewhat diffusely on still-damp skin, pre-foundation, then topping the skin off with..
  • Bourjouis Healthy Mix Serum Foundation + Healthy Mix Concealer
  • Maquillage Crystalizing Lip Compact no. 33
    Oldies but goodies.
Summer has arrived here which means blogging will be quite sporadic. Follow us on our summer adventure on instagram or twitter. Wishing everyone a good week ahead!

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