Happy Homemade Sew Along, Day 2

Day two of Happy Homemade Sew Along is all about cutting fabric and getting ready to sew. As any of you sew may already know, sewing is spending the majority of time preparing to the actual stitching the fabric together. There are lots and lots of prep work that the pictures below cannot reveal.

One major prep work is washing and ironing the fabric you intended to use. This is quite major, because the fabric can shift and when it does, somehow one needs to dampen the fabric and give it a good tug here and there to restore it. This is more important when the fabric has repeated print, such as the plaid flannel that I'm using.

The above picture may not look like much, but folding a fabric to match the pattern can be quite tricky, especially on fabric like flannel that is super clingy. In fact, so clingy that it does not slide past each other.

After matching, time to pin pattern and cut. I usually pin the pattern on. I know some people use weights but I found it to be quite cumbersome as I am left-handed. Somehow, I feel the pattern placement is done by those who are right-handed and I always come to an awkward point of cutting. I do use weights (like my handy exercise weights above) to help me pin the pattern on the fabric.

Remember the pattern for the kangaroo pocket that I drafted? It did not include seam allowance, so I added here on the fabric itself. I've decided to use the kimono fabric as accent pocket -- I was wrong to think it was made out of wool as it came out nice & unfelted after hot wash & hot dryer. This plaid one will be the lining of the pocket.

Second most-time consuming part of pattern cutting is transferring all pattern marking onto the fabric. I also try to transfer the seam allowance, just as guide. That yellow chalk roller-pen from Clover rocks! Seriously.. I will never use the triangle chalk anymore. 

The work went all night long, this was the result. Can't wait for Day 3 when I will do some actual sewing.


  1. This looks adorable! And go you for using a plaid :D I love to wear plaids but the pattern-matching puts me off and they languish in my stash while I use up all the random florals first. I also love the Clover chaco wheelie thing. :D I wonder if your awkwardness with cutting is due to your table being up against the wall? I found things went a lot quicker once I moved my desk back so that I could walk all the way around it when cutting out.

    1. Ha ha.. plaid matching turned out to be epic fail. I still need to learn how to pattern match on the seam, and yet this is as simple of a pattern ever. In the end, it doesn't matter I guess. I pattern-match the kangaroo pocket but I decided to use the red fabric instead as an accent. Re. cutting yes, I think table against the wall may have something to do with it, some. In general, cutting left-handed is just a bit awkward -- it is almost the pattern needs to be flipped in its mirror image (i.e. the pattern placed upside down). Are you left-handed too?