Happy Homemade Sew Along Day 3

Glorious, half-baked hoodie.
This Day Three of sew along was actually stretched to three days. I thought I was ready to sew, right? Well, not so fast.. more prep-work is to be done.

Not shown is the time I spend ironing hems on both sleeves, front and back part of the hoodies. It has to be done in order for things to look neat. This prep work took me about a day, when the Tod was taking his nap.

O.k. finally I am ready to sew. The first step is attaching the sleeves onto the front bodice. Easy peasy. Since this is a garment, I reinforce the seams with zigzag stitch like above. I wish I have a serger, but I think this will do for now.

This is one sleeve attached. Rinse and repeat on the second side and also on the back side of the bodice.

After attaching the sleeves on the bodice, I seamed them together. Here it was still pinned before sewn. Onto the sewing machine it went, and zigzagged.

What happened after this was quite a disaster. No doubt, I didn't even think of documenting it with my camera. Two button-holes needed to be sewn on the bottom of the bodice, where the drawstring would go. Alas! My machine just ate up the fabric and it jammed right down into the plate. It took me a while to get the screwdriver out, clean up the plate, and assess the damage. It made a big hole in lieu of a proper buttonhole. I did reinforce the fabric with iron-on stabilizer but apparently it was not enough.

Lesson learned but it was too late into the night. I called it a day, it was the end of day two of Day 3 Sew Along. So much for the auto-buttonhole function. Phew... 

The next day, I attempted to machine-sew the second button hole, this time re-reinforcing the fabric with extra stabilizer. Second time was the charm, but damage was still done on the first button hole. I had to hand-sew the button hole, and thanks to the many hours that I helped my Oma, somehow it came to me like riding a bike.

Despite of disaster, I am very proud to have salvage the damaged button hole -- yes, I know it looks nothing like the machine-sewn but at least it is usable and neat. There is something to be said about the value of hand-mending/sewing. This is actually a premonition for the future installment of the Sew Along series, where my ability to hand-sew is called upon again.

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