MOTW: It's Gettin' Hot in Here

The heat today top at 92 F. Oy vey.. am I still in Texas?? I know, I know, I much rather live in Iceland/Nordic countries than somewhere in Florida, where my good friend from school swears is the best place on Earth (no offense, D :-)). In any case, I have not been putting much makeup lately. When the heat is intense outside, I skip foundation, thick concealer, and focus more on layers of antioxidants, vitamin C, and sunscreen. Notice, not even a mascara; I now realize that sometimes that undone look is very youthful & unexpected, especially for the summer.

  • Hada Labo UV Creamy Gel and UV Moist Emulsion
    I'm currently testing various Japanese sunscreen that I can get from amazon.com Review will be forthcoming. Sufficed to say I like the Moist Emulsion better. I supplement with the Creamy Gel for when it is super duper hot, like today.
  • Chantecaille Protection Naturelle Loose Powder SPF 46
    So, has anyone out there find a good solution to reapplying SPF throughout the day? I'm not talking about reapplying when you are pool-side, with nothing but margarita and bikinis on. I'm talking reapplying with full makeup that you put on since the morning. Well, I haven't. I resorted to this instead. I know this powder won't give me a full SPF 46, but at least some. See, I normally wake up v. early, around 5-6 AM, and go right away getting myself ready before the Tod wakes up. That's when I put on my SPF lotion. By 8-9 AM, the time we get out of the house, whatever sun protection agent would have been degraded some (especially if you follow the rule of applying every 2 hours), but I really don't have the luxury to put on makeup after he wakes up. So, I put on my Uniqlo UV Cut Hoodie while driving (yea, I've gotten that look of "Nice fashion, lady!"), put on my hat, or dust this powder all over, generously. My son loves the outdoor. and I need to protect myself. This is a good compromise for now.
    If you have a better solution, I want to hear it.
  • Chanel Bronze Universelle/Bronzing Makeup Base
    To add some color on my pasty skin. Think of this as a "replacement" of the foundation and concealer. A bit of bronzer goes a really long way.
  • Jack Black Lip Balm SPF 15
    Goes on surprisingly matte! Try it & see if you agree.
  • By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Frozen Quartz.
    This is a replacement for my much-loved Chanel IdO Emerveille, which has crumbled and now exists as few small pebbles inside the pot. Frozen Quartz is in the same pinky family but is a tad cooler and sparklier than Emerveille. Like Emerveille, I love that this doesn't budge either.
  • Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon
    A staple blush for the summer.
Stay cool and stay pretty!


  1. Hahahah! It's too freaking hot to wear makeup. I have had meetings so trying to spackle on "the face" but it's really not worth it. These are really the days for tinted sunscreen, cream blush, brow stuff, wp mascara, lip balm...BOOM. Done.

    Even as I type, I am wearing my UNIQLO UV cut shield thingycardigan. I wear it for the freezing office, but it is nice to put on when I am driving! FASHUN forever! Bwhahaha!

    1. Re. Uniqlo Hoodie, it's something I always have in the car just in case it is too hot/too cold and I forget to bring anything. I always wear the hoodie up b/c I had a biopsy spot on the top of my ear (apparently the most common, unprotected site on the face). So one day, I was driving, wearing the hoodie up, and was in 4-way stop. A guy in front of me was in a convertible, super nice, pimped-up car. We looked at each other, no doubt, he was looking at me funny, then when we passed, he was like, "Yo, nice fashion, Mama!" :-D I honked back at him. FASHUN forevah, man!

    2. waiiiiiit a minute. When you wrote you were wearing your hoodie, I didn't realize you were wearing it with the hood up. HEHEHEHEH! This even more hot FASHUN mama than I realized originally. *HONK HONK*!!!

    3. LOL yeah, add custom grillz & chain I'd be all set!