Random Samples Review

Recently, I've got several samples worthy of my curiosity, so I went ahead to give them a try. I don't know if sample reviews are of help, but at least I'll post these here for my own sake (in case I feel the need to purchase the full-size products).

Eve Lom Radiance Lift Foundation SPF 15

I elicited here that I received the wrong shade of this foundation. Honey 12 is the second darkest shade, whereas I'd normally wear 2nd lightest shade. But, I've made a great use out of this for contouring. The shade Honey is a bit on the golden side, but that is perfect for contouring/adding depth into selective area. A little goes a long way, but I'd say the coverage is a bit toward medium rather than full. Texture is wonderful, reminds me of Bourjouis Healthy Skin/Healthy Skin Serum: thick-sillicone-based but yet creamy enough. Lightly scented, the finish is radiant as it says without one of them nano-micro-shimmer particles. If I'm so inclined to find a good replacement for my current foundation (which I think I will!) I'd probably try a sample of this first. P.S. It does contain alcohol, like very minute quantity mid-way the list there.

Goldfaden MD Bright Eyes

No ingredient list disclosed (boo!). One night, as I kissed the Tod goodnight, he said, "Mama smells nice." I sniffed myself: normally everything I use is unscented, especially skin care. Alas, this is scented. Noticeably scented, yet not-so-noticeably reducing any of the dark undereye circle that I have. Truth to be told, I don't have dark undereye circle, the sunken look is courtesy of aging, lack of sleep, and shrinking adipose tissue that used to amply pad my once-youthful skin. With that said, the cream goes on very nicely -- bordering that gel-type consistency. But beware, if you wear any silicone-based foundation/sunscreen, this will cause your foundation/skin care to ball up.

Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint Sunscreen SPF 20

I appreciate that Jouer gives an expiration date on the product. I don't know if the full-size product also comes with an expiration date. It is super helpful. This one is truly luminizing, with decent light-medium coverage that is akin to BB cream. Texture is light & spreads out very nicely over silicone-based sunscreen. Alas, the deal breaker is the luminizer; unlike the above-mentioned Eve Lom, this one is a definite micro-pulverized shimmer particle, similar to Becca SSP. I mean, I love Becca SSP but not for all-over-the-face use. Sad, sad.. otherwise this is a good contender to Chantecaille Just Skin.

Eve Lom TLC Cream

Ah... this one is truly a must-try or must-see for dry skin people. Notice the third ingredient is beeswax. Yep, it is waxy, even more waxier than Creme de la Mer. Waxy also means little slip, so warming up between the palms of the hand is helpful. This cream is not as hydrating as it is protective: it is the last, occlusive barrier that you'd put on top of layers of moisture layer cake underneath. For e.g. in my routine, I'd tone with 2% BHA, followed by serums (currently PC Super Antioxidant and Skinceuticals CE Ferulic), followed by a dose of Hada Labo Hyaluronic Lotion, then a layer of nice cushiony cream (currently Kiehl's - sometimes mixed with oil), and then, this one is the rolled fondant topping on the the cake to seal in all of those juicy goodness. It does contain fragrance, albeit faintly. That's why it is not a must-buy, but rather a must-get-sample from the counter before buying.

Do you find sample reviews helpful? Show me your sample reviews & I'll hop over there.


  1. Thanks for these mini reviews of your samples, Claire! I am a big fan of the Eve Lom cleanser, morning time cleanser and the rescue mask. Those are constantly in my cleaning/treatment routine and was also intrigued by their recent foundation release. I like the texture you are describing of it. I wonder if the counter nearby can make me a sample or give me a few sachets to try out.

  2. I had to go to Bloomingdale's today during lunch to exchange that Coppering for Copper Plate from MAC and while there I waffled over the the Eve Lom section of SpaceNK. I tried out a blob of the foundation and the tinted moisturizer in the same shade Ecru. The foundation ran much lighter than the TM and much more opaque in coverage, but felt really smooth and easy to blend. I probably would prefer a lighter coverage. I think if I ever run out of any foundation I have in my rotation (oooh, starting to build up to too much again), I think I might like to give the TM a go. Seems nice.

    1. Ooh, thanks for the heads-up on the TM, glad you mentioned it. Yes, I'm impressed with these two Eve Lom products, no surprise you are a big fan of the cleansers. I hope the color selection is good. I don't know if there's even Eve Lom counter nearby here.. def no SpaceNK otherwise, I'd be in trouble :-)

      P.S. Glad you got that Coppering switched to Copperplate. Who shipped these to you the first place; those two shades are totally different!

    2. The shades were very pale, which I was impressed with (especially for the foundation which ran lighter than the tms), but a true lack in darker tones. :D

      When I went to exchange the eye shadow, the counter manager was like, "yeah, close but no cigar"

    3. Thanks, Belly! Well.. sounds to me like a good counter-intelligence mission for you, should you choose to accept it :-) In foundation, I'm more concerned if the tone is yellow v.s. pink. or the horrid orange.

  3. have you tried the jouer matte moisture tint? It is similar the the one you have here but without the shimmer. anyway, i like how you neatly cut open the samples, i should do that. Oh i think goldfaden has all their ingredients on their site? also, i had a eve lom sample (cleanser maybe?) and i was pretty surprised that alcohol was in there considering the price, i feel like towards the top of the list if i remember correctly!

    1. I think I also got the Jouer matte moisture tint sample but I gave it away since it has the word "matte" on it. I have try skin but I probably should have tried it anyway. Goldfaden.. hmph, I don't trust their ingredient list, the product is clearly scented and it is quite fake scent ( as opposed to their claim of being natural and all), and worse, they don't list the perfume/fragrance on the list.

    2. Here it is, Goldfaden Bright Eyes Ingredient list (from beauty.com)

      Distilled Water, Hyaluronic Acid, Seaweed Extract, Oxido Reductases, Soy Peptide, Hydrolyzed Rice Bran Extract, Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Squalene, Mica, Arnica Tincture, Vitamin K1 (Phytonadione), Laureth-7, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Polyacrylamide, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Grapefruit Oil, Red Tea Extract

      No fragrance listed, yet obvi laced with fragrance. Hmmm..