Summer Beauty Finds

Summer Beauty Finds

Summer Beauty Finds by declairelegenou featuring josie maran skin care

I found myself slowly branching out from the familiar brands that I know. It's a good thing, right? Many of these products are not new but I think worth a mention. All links are not affiliates, just for your convenience.

RMS Beauty Living Luminizer

I was gifted a generous sample from my SIL, an enabler and a beauty junky, who herself is also a member of Makeupalley. This one rocks! If you have dry skin like me, but need something along the line of Becca SSP, perhaps a lower-wattage version, you need to look no further. A little goes a long way, and the ingredients are all natural, I even put it on my lips. It goes on super sheer and glides like buttah on even layers of makeup underneath. Honestly, I think this will replace my Becca SSP, should it ever get used up.

Another perk, RMS also comes up recently with a bronzer, which, along with the Lip2Cheeks, is on my to-try list. And oh, this layers incredibly well with...

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelée

When I swatched the disappointingly non-existent Burberry Fresh Glow Blusher, it reminded me right away of something I tried before; Josie Maran Cheek Gelée. I had a pot of this a while back, but I think I passed it on to a family member or even donated it. I remember the color being very good but perhaps dupe-able with so many cream blushes in my collection.

Well, hello again! I now remember how lovely the texture is: very gelée, cooling and sheer. Unlike the dismal Burberry Blusher, this non-shimmery blush is packed with a bit more pigment and it stains, meaning it stays put for a long time (not that I ever have problem with makeup not staying put). Perfect for summer when splashes and sweats are unavoidable. The finish is definitely glossy (read: greasy). Yes, I'm not kidding, it is a shiny slick of oil on your cheek. If this is not your thing, do skip, but I'm loving my pot of Getaway Red (true red), I plan to stash more. For the summer, JM is also running two exclusive shades at Sephora: Vacay Rose and Island Pink. Both are lovely and so are the other colors that are permanent.

P.S. At Sephora's mortar & brick store check out line, this also comes in mini pot size for $13 (I believe?)

So, BiteBeauty. I've seen this product popped up here and there, notably from my blogger friend Gummy and I'm quite skeptical still. I mean, lipsticks are a dime a dozen right? I admit I was wrong. This one is a surprising suggestion of a Sephora SA. Remember my mission to replace the entire wardrobe of the stinky Burberry lipsticks? I ask her for something that has a consistency of a lip balm, with decent pigments, and non-scented and she selected a couple of things for me to try. The name sounds like a gimmick, but the product performs. It is a bit more pigmented and a bit more opaque than the uber-hyped Fresh Lip Balm, quite moisturizing, has SPF and not stinky! It even tastes a bit sweet & maybe with a bit vanilla thrown in there. I have been wearing the shade Flush for almost a week now. A caveat: if your lips are pigmented, this probably won't show up as this is still on the sheer side. On me, Flush freshens up my lip color into a juicy melon pink. 

I plan to wear these three products for the next week, so think of this post as an MOTW + mini-review thrown in. Wishing you a great week & stay cool!

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