Hada Labo Gokujyun Mask

I am so lucky to live nearby a great Japanese grocer that regularly stock Japanese drugstore health and beauty product. Uwajimaya in Seattle and Bellevue are establishments of their own, a must-see/destination to anyone who are visiting the area.

Today, I will feature you one of Hada Labo masks that I purchased from Uwajimaya Seattle. Hada Labo masks are regularly stocked and regularly sold out at their Health & Beauty section, so do stock up when they are available because they usually get sold out very quickly.

After using up all three boxes of three different kind of masks, I can truly say that they worth the price. At $15-$18 a box (each with 4 masks), they are not the cheapest but quite a bargain in terms of quality mask. All three kinds of Hada Labo masks come unscented, which is a huge plus in my book: when I'm relaxing, I want my own scent around the home (be it scented candles, or EO) but not the intrusive scent of the mask itself. It comes in quite standard-size paper mask, so the fit may not be great, but the redeeming quality is that it comes super saturated with plenty of fluid to spread on the uncovered areas if needs to.

First, we start off with Hada Labo Gokujyun mask (far left on the picture), a hydrating mask, packed with humectants such as dipropylene glycol, glycerins and a host of hyaluronic acid derivative. I am sad, sad, sad to learn that it contains alcohol, in fact the highest percentage among the sisters (Gokujyun 3% w/w, Shirojyun 1%w/w), Gokujyn Alpha - no alcohol) -- c'mon HadaLabo, you can do better than this! The alcohol provides a cooling (read: prickly/tingling) sensation on my skin, but thankfully, the humectant-packed mask replenish my skin back with moisture, my skin feels very plump and refreshed after wearing this.

The bits of liquid left on the face is supposed to be massaged in, but I found it quite a bit sticky. What I do is I'd lightly massage the liquid and pat my face all over with damp cloth to remove the excess, before layering on my usual skin care combo. At other times, I left the sticky residue a while and I notice it disappeared some over time, especially if you apply your regular moisturizer/cream on top.

I feel the hydrating effect lasts temporarily, not overnight. In the morning, my skin is its usual self. I think this mask, as any other mask, only provide temporary effect. Nevertheless, it gives me an excuse to relax & lounge around uninterrupted by the Tod due to my Jason-look-alike appearance.
  • Mask comes over saturated, almost dripping from the pouch.
  • Clear and viscous in consistency, the mask does not dry out even over extended period of time.
  • Tingling/stinging due to alcohol -- avoid if sensitive.
  • Sticky residue afterwards but not as bothersome as others I've tried.

On the next few posts I will review the rest of the Hada Labo masks, so stay tuned!


  1. So jealous! I'd love to have Japanese beauty products available nearby! They're so much better than stuff here.

  2. Hi Charlotte, thanks for stopping by. I think there are few places in England to get Japanese items? Or at least online. I found Hada Labo items also through amazon, the prices are better than eBay and such. Or perhaps you can stock up on them when you go to Japan :-)