Hada Labo Shirojyun Mask

The Hada Labo Masks review continues with the Shirojyun Mask (middle picture).

Arbutin is the main ingredient separating this mask from her sisters. Arbutin is essentially extracted hydroquinone from botanical sources, so if you are allergic/has some reaction to hydroquinone, you may want to avoid this, although I suspect at this concentration and for occasional use, it is extremely low. The second whitening ingredients is the Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, which is really down below the list. Just think about it.. if the alcohol represents 1% weight/weight, imagine how minute is the amount of the MAP in this mask. In short, I don't think this mask will give an instant whitening effect, but it has the "potential" due to these two ingredients.

The 1% w/w alcohol content did not sting, tingle or burn. I wave this mask about for a bit before putting it on my face to evaporate some of the alcohol. Not much, just some.

  • Consistency similar to Gokujyun above, it almost came out dripping from the pouch. 

  • Slight cooling sensation due to the alcohol, but it dissipate quickly. I fan the mask about before putting it on my face.
  • It does not tingle, sting or burn.
  • No noticeable whitening effect from once a week use for a month -- maybe need to use this longer/more often?

Between this Shirojyun and Gokujyun, I'm still on the look out for a better Hada Labo mask. I will safe the best one for last, on the next post.


  1. Thanks for these mask posts, Claire. I went to the Japanese market but couldn't tell what each mask does, so I got the more bland Mandom barrier repair one. I am anticipating all the irritated, dry flakiness of the cooler weather, so I better find some good extra soothing treatments soon. :)

    1. I'd love to try the Mandom brand!! It's just not available here (or maybe I have to look harder). If I ever come across one, I'd be sure to write something about it.

      I remember you mentioned you don't like sheet masks.. these HL masks are sheet masks, unfortunately.

    2. the mandom is a sheet one, too. I only used sheet masks occasionally when I traveled/lived in Asia bc I got them as free samples with other purchases. My ehh feelings was because the effect seems always very temporary. Between all those samples, plus the GWP ones from AmorePacific I've tried, I've come to see the beauty of a nice temporary moisturizing boost.

      I tried the Mandom one last night. My skin is a mess lately: red, irritated and very dry. It was very soothing and really nice. :)