MOTW: The Chanel Series - Mystere

For some reason, I don't reach out for Mystere that often but when I need something shimmering, something khaki, Mystere delivers. The inspiration look comes from an old Voce magazine I was about to throw away. I thought the clean gradation, paired with burned cheeks and sheer pink mouth is both flattering and unexpected at the same time. 

For this look, I used:

  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation and Concealer in 51. Both combo are wonderful to achieve that glowing yet flawless skin. I'd really say that the foundation is more of a medium coverage, despite of many claiming it has a light/sheer coverage -- maybe because I use a lot of other sheerer coverage TM/BB creams in my collection. In fact, I think this is the highest coverage of all my foundations.
  • Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush in 74 Rose Ambre, the color of burned salmon, very warm and very pigmented on my skin, this is where the Suqqu cheek brush does its magic (thanks, Meow!).
  • Chanel Mystere Quad with mini tutorial below.
  • Coffret d'Or Black liquid liner
  • Burberry Eye Definer in Midnight Ash No 03. Many don't seem to appreciate the Burberry liner when I think it has been grossly misunderstood. See, there are many kinds of pencil liners, some are kohl liner (think the waxy, soft, crayon like pencil liner that you can smudge on the waterline), some are hard, powder like (e.g. Elizabeth Arden powder pencils, or Charlotte Tilbury powder pencil), some are long-lasting gel-kohl, the one that goes on soft like kohl but set and won't budge (like Pixi Silky Endless), some are in-between those. I think Burberry Eye Definer is more of a waxy, powdery liner, in that it is easy to smudge, does not define well, but goes on rather dry. The combination of powder + wax somewhat making it not suitable to use on the waterline, but it gives the eyes a natural, somewhat smudgy look that is in line with Burberry's philosophy.
  • Lashes are coated with Maquillage Lengthening WP Mascara in black (discontinued). This mascara is simply magic: it gives the appearance of glossy lashes that last. It is also fortified with fibers and the comb applicator comes in two-sides to coat top and bottom lashes. I may have to find a suitable replacement once I'm finished with this one, sadly.
  • Dior Addict Lip Polish Smoothing Lacquer in 002 Fresh Expert for a hint of sheer, pinky glaze without shimmer.

Point (clock-wise from upper left): one-tone khaki gradation for "natural/no-makeup" eye lids (素まふ"た), lower lash clusters ("defined lower lashes" would probably be a better translation) coated with sparkle, lower lids the same way gradation as the top lids, lining inside waterline.
Adopted from Voce Magazine September 2013.

Loosely translated, use the golden beige A shade all over the top eyelids, followed by D towards the movable lids and concentrating on B towards the lash line. You can slick some C on the eye socket if you like, but the model's eyes lack recessed socket placement. For the bottom lash line, lightly dust C and then follow the gradation with D and C. To give that sparkly cluster on the lower lash line, you can tap a little bit of transparent, sparkly shadow of your choice (I think Illusion d'Ombre Fantasme would be perfect for this).

Line the entire eyes with soft-kohl type black liner on the waterline, and top the upper lash line with the same pencil liner, extending the corner a bit (the original article used Anna Sui Eyeliner Pencil WP in 001 Black). Since I do not like to line my waterline, I chose to line the top and bottom lashes with Burberry pencil, as close to the lashline as possible, and top the upper lash line with black liquid liner (Coffret d'Or above).

I hope you've enjoyed this MOTW installment & wishing you a great week ahead!

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