MOTW recap: The Chanel Series

I love and enjoy all the five Chanel quads that I own. Each one fill a niche in my makeup collection, each produces a different look -- they are really different on the eyes and not just a hair warmer/cooler/less shimmer on the arm swatch, etc.

Links are below for your perusal:
  • Kaska Beige: a warm, earthy beige combo that has a good balance of matte and shimmer shades.
  • Raffinement: a peachy - bronzy - sparkling champagne shades of  Spring, deepened with chocolate brown.
  • Enigma: a balanced pink - plum - burgundy - dark mauve brown for Autumn/Winter.
  • Mystere: a yellow gold - khaki - dark green harmony.
  • Prelude: the neutral naturals.
So, what do you think is missing in my collection? If I were in the market to purchase a Chanel quad, would be something that has the harmony of cool grey - purple - lavender color; Tisée Gabrielle would fit the bill.

I organize my Chanel palettes in an old Jo Malone box. I stole the idea from Cafe Makeup; the Brother P-Touch labeling can be easily duped using your return-address printer label. As you can see, the box fits 9 Chanel palettes nicely, the back row is my Chanel blushes.

I hope you've enjoyed and gleaned some inspiration from this Chanel Series. I've certainly enjoyed making them. Shopping my own stash has pushed my creativity and resourcefulness, not to mention the good feeling that I get from using these makeup over and over again. 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!


  1. Oh it looks so nice all labeled and such. I don't throw the boxes away to make sure they are already labeled but of course this way they take a little more space. Thanks for sharing your storage ideas with us.

    1. I used to keep the boxes too, now I can safely throw them away (along with the sponge applicator in it). I still keep the velvet pouches in case of traveling. Thanks for stopping by, Sara!

  2. I loved this series, Claire! You have a wonderful selection of neutrals for every whim and occasion. I like that you featured products that many a luxury beauty lover would own one (or more of). I myself own Kaska Beige and will need to pull this out again as I think these colors would be perfect again as the weather cools down.

    1. Thanks Belly! I think sometimes ppl forgot how good Chanel quads are, esp the older ones. They are v. versatile with good texture & pigment quality. Kaska Beige is v. versatile quad, I sometimes use one/two colors from it to blend with other shadows that I have.