Thankful Tuesday

Have you ever felt like there's nothing in your life to be thankful for? Last night, I was feeling like that.

Things has not been easy here at the Land, with PapaLorp staying at home, me picking up more shifts at work, and the Tod's routine totally disrupted (those of you who are parents know how important routine is in the life young children). It has been a scorching day yesterday, and our small duplex has been baking in the sun. I got off my 10-hour-turns-12-hour shift at work, the Tod was beyond tired, way past his bedtime and we were all ready to crash when my next door neighbors were doing BBQ party at 9 at night.

The problem with living in such close proximity with other people is that, no matter how wonderful your neighbors are, you share their noise and their smell. Open the window, and the full-blown smoke went in, burning your throat. Close the window and you were steaming inside the sauna of your own house. What to do when such basic things such as fresh air was not available, when you need it most? My whole family was cranky, I was cranky, we have got nothing to be thankful for.

Luckily, like all things good and bad in life, this too shall pass. And passed it was. Just like the good things in my life which come and go, so do the bad things. Amazing, isn't it? Just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore, the party died down and we slept with fresh air blowing through the windows.

Today, I woke up thankful once again for the basic things we still have in our family: a home, a running water, food on our table, clothes, fresh air, sun light. Small things I tend to take for granted that when it goes away, I know I'd terribly miss it.

What are the small things in your life that you are thankful for? Share with us your gratitude of the day.

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