Thankful Tuesday

Sometimes in the middle of a crisis, I long for a little mental break, akin to a sun break in a long stretch of rainy days. This week, I had my little bit of sunshine in a very unexpected place. 

It was Friday afternoon and I decided that the family needed a bit of that break. So we went to a place where the Tod could visit his most favorite thing on Earth: elevators. We must have rode several different elevators up/down for gazillion-billionth time before we finally stopped by at a pizzeria place where he and his dad shared a slice of their most favorite pizza, pepperoni. Then we had to part for a bit since he needed to go potty and I needed to drop the leftover pizza in the car. On my way back down the elevator in the parking building (the very same one on the video above), I looked outside. I looked at the perfect afternoon summer sky, the happy people walking down the street below. I felt the cool AC-ed air inside the elevator against my cheek, and I thought, there is nothing that I need to do at this moment but riding this elevator down. And that happy, content feeling creeped in, ever so sneakily. I don't think I've ever felt this happy for a long, long time, just that feeling of looking at the world from the outside in. 

Happiness is not something spectacular. There's no marching band playing your song on the street, no fireworks in the sky. 
It is a general feeling that you are where you're supposed to be.

P.S. Before I had the Tod, I thought the above-type of videos are absurd, but now, I understand why some people are obsessed with elevators. For all the elevators at University Village shopping mall (i.e. the elevators the Tod knows so well), visit this link of a search query from YouTube. His fave? The Thyssen Krupp elevator.

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