Tuto Friday: Cleaning a Mason Pearson Brush.

Handy-size, boar and nylon mix.

On my birthday this year, I received this Mason Pearson brush as a gift. And, as popular as this brush is, I am surprised that I couldn't find any tutorial/video out there on how to properly clean this brush. Here, I will share you my rendition, not claiming to be the right one, but just how I keep mine clean.

Whoa.. sorry for the over-exposure!

The MP brush comes with the cleaning brush for sizes Handy and up. In fact, it may be worth purchasing the Handy size if you are thinking of investing in sizes smaller than Handy, just to get the cleaning brush. The Handy size is just right for me: not too big, not too small.

The cleaning brush is made out of synthetic, stiff hairs. As you can see above, it comprised of small tufts of hair arranged in rectangular pattern. The idea is to get the tufts right in between the rows of the hairbrush fibers, so they clean both the red rubber base and also the boar + nylon fibers.

All MP brushes has a pneumatic hole at the top of the brush. This hole is not to be clogged/filled with water, otherwise the cushion-mechanism may be impaired. This is especially important while cleaning with soap + water: hold your brush upside down.

I do the dry brushing/cleaning each time after I use it, at least once every other day. The Vine below is shown with me applying firm, long strokes over the brush. I use this to get rid of stray hairs. I usually follow with short, light strokes to get rid of the "dust" that seems to cling to the boar fibers.

Once every other week, I cleanse the brush with soap + water, more or less often depending on how dirty the brush seems or how often I use it. If you hear any noise in the background of any of these Vines, they are just the soundtrack of my life :-)

As you can see, I use a mild hand soap and a plastic mesh/net to produce lots of suds with just one tiny squirt. I dip the cleaning brush onto the suds, and run it through the hairbrush. Again, I apply one or two firm, long strokes, followed by short, light strokes (not shown on Vine to save some video time). After I feel the brush is reasonably cleaned, I rinse the cleaning brush and run it again on the hairbrush. Shake shake, and dry the hairbrush upside down, as recommended by MP.

Read the whole manual about brush maintenance by visiting Mason Pearson's website here.
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