Thankful Tuesday

We had a relatively calm weekend here at the Land but so much sweet gratitude, in no particular order:

  • Peaches-- the kind that were ripened on the tree, with heady perfume and so juicy, the juice runs down your elbow when you eat them.
  • The equally delicious chuckle of the Tod being mischievous with his friend, playing fort at a recent playdate.
  • Sweet, sweet rosy cheeks of a four-month-old. 
  • Equally sweet, sweet smell of babies, I mean, really, they just can't stink, can they? (unless they poop, I guess..)
  • The light on the Tod's eyes when he saw his green beans shrub finally came to fruition. What an honor it is to be there in such life-affirming discovery as this one -- to witness this with my son is truly priceless.
  • The Tod and PapaLorp saying, "Thanks for the dinner!!" when I finally cooked a pot of Kimchi Nabe. My family eats lots of kimchi, perhaps a record-breaking kimchi consumption in the block.
  • A basket full of the above-mentioned peaches, courtesy of a friend's family orchard.
Sometimes I can't believe how lucky I am -- I may not live a large, grandiose life, but my small life has brought me so much joy. My cup is overflowing and I'm sending it all to you. May you all be blessed where ever you are.


  1. I LOVE kimchi nabe! I would be thankful if I had that in my life!!

    1. It's the littlest, simplest thing that brings happiness (i.e. warm, full belly). I hope you'll try the recipe & see how you like it!