I reflected our misfortunes at the Land this past summer, a whirlwind to say the least! But I know that our life experiences are here to teach us something. What I've learned through these tragedies is joy.

Feeling of joy is real, no matter how or where it comes from. Whether it comes from laughing from a joke, or feeling inspired from watching a movie, or playing with your puppy, the feelings are equally real. Joy is an equal-opportunity contagion, it is not exclusive to anyone or anything. One doesn't need to earn anything to feel joy.

Joy happens so sneakily. It happens when we realize that the small stuffs are not important anymore, when we breathe a sigh of relief at the end of the long day knowing we still have a warm house and food on the table and people who love us the most. It sneaks upon us when we hear an old tune on the radio that causes us to sing with abandon, or in the form of a smile when we see the abundance of flower at the florist. It comes in a form of corn in a cob, so surprisingly sweet that it gives the cheeks tingle with each bite, or that first sip of cold drink in a hot day.

If we let it, joy will come. It may disguise itself as "doing" but it is already within us; like a melted chocolate center in the molten chocolate cake. Let it ooze and savor it slowly; otherwise, it is just another gooey mess of a half-baked cake.

Joy and gratitude are sisters. Wherever there's one, the other one will soon follow. They come when we let this moment be and wanting to change nothing.

Wishing you all joy, here and now.


  1. Oh, and two gifs from some of my favorite movies :) Thanks for this moment of joy and reflection, Claire - I can already tell my day will be so much better for it!

    1. Knowing your day will be better sends me a wave of joy! I told you, it is contagious :-) Thanks for stopping by!