The "Alphabet Cheek Dictionary" MOTW: T is for Orange

Just when I thought we've finished visiting the bizzaro world last week, this week's feature is even more, well, bizzaro. "T is not for Orange, Ma. T is for Tiger!" I think the Tod is right, although tiger is often orange-looking. Oh well, who am I to argue with a three year old? To further the bizzaro-ness of this look, I think the "orange" they are referring to is more of a coral for my taste. What do you think?

The Tuto

This "cheek look" starts from the under eyes area, which at first glance seems to appear introspective (?) (想定内) yet the juicy orange turns the look coquettish. O.k. I have to admit, this translation is a bit outlandish, but I think the look is supposed to be the playful-yet-shy-innocent type.

Directly on the under eyes area, draw a horizontal line using medium-size blush brush (the model uses something that very much look like an elongated-version of SUQQU blush brush), approximately the corner-to-corner width of the eye. Next, draw a vertical line on the middle of the cheek, using the side, narrow part of the blush brush.

The featured blush is Les Merveilleuses de Ladurée Face Color Rose 102 (mini), with alternatives from Elegans Cosmetics, Shu Uemura (Silk Cushion Blusher in Orange Quartz) and Lunasol. 

Finish the look with gradation of shimmery brown (Estee Lauder Pure Color Five Color Eyeshadow Palette 28), black liquid liner (Majolica Majorca BK999), and sheer orange gloss (RMK W Crayon & Gloss Lips 05).

Products Used

  • Tom Ford Quad in Enchanted palette needs a bit of love so I use that. In reality, perhaps this palette is a bit warmer than inspiration EL palette, but I like the contrast of slightly cooler-eye to offset the warm cheeks and lips. Note, on the model, the eyes are lined both top and bottom (maybe bottom slightly smudgy using the darkest shade from the eye palette).
  • Lunasol Liquid Eye Liner, mine is in brown-black, paired with the Little Witch Mote Mascara, my fave tubing mascara (hoarding every single drop of this!).
  • RMK Mix Color Cheek in 02 Coral has the top orange bits that fits the look.
  • NYX Butter Gloss in Appel Strudel is perhaps a bit too milky, but it has that peachy look that I need.

My Impression

Whoa, this look does not work on me at all! Something about drawing the T-shaped coral right underneath the eye makes me look like a clown, er.. a bizzaro Mama Lorp, perhaps? I try blending it more into a triangular shape, still does not work. The closest that I can achieve with this look, keeping the spirit of cute-innocent-coquettish is placing the blush on the apples, slightly higher up than I'd normally do.

I guess I'm not that innocent, but it does not mean you can't rock this look! See it for yourself and if you do decide to try this one, maybe an instagram?


  1. I tried it with the pink Chanel "Horizon" blush + some contouring. I like it! I still have to try a "t" placement with an orange blush though!
    Thank you for posting! So much fun! :)

    1. So, just to clarify: you tried the T placement, using pink instead of orange, plus contouring along side of the T? Wow.. I've never tried it, but glad someone did & like it. For me, the T placement is the most unnatural, I look neither cute nor innocent :-D Glad someone benefit from it, though. Thanks for following along, maybe if you are up to it, you can forward me an instagram & I can forward it to the readers, if you so choose...

  2. Uhm, this sounds a bit wacko to me, and even on the model I think it looks a bit blotchy and strange. Who knows, maybe I just need to try it and then it might work? I love your picks to recreate the look though!

    1. LOL yep, that's what I did, Monika, with all the look from this series: I tried it verbatim then I stepped back and saw if I could realistically pull the look together without making myself looking like a joke. This one, unfortunately, makes me look totally clownish. But, you also have to look at the model, she has plump cheeks, I think she maaaayyy be able to pull this out, if you squint your eyes? Anyhow, that's the fun of makeup, right? Try and see and wipe and try and see again.