The Alphabet Cheek Dictionary: A New MOTW Series

Happy Fall, everyone! Starting soon, MOTW is back with the "Alphabet Cheek Dictionary" which was originally featured on Maquia Magazine Feb 2014.

Fall is probably the least likely season to think about cheek and blush. Naturally, this article was featured on Maquia's Spring edition. But, I really think blush is the most-often used makeup product, only second to mascara. I know some ladies who don't like putting on lipstick/gloss in regular basis (me included), so blush + mascara have become de rigueur. Regardless, these techniques can be used any time of the year with any color of the season.

This series will also include a brief tutorial and my explanation/take of the general feel of the look. As always, I will gladly include translations of the actual products used. I really would love your input, especially if you decide to try on the look; what you use, how do you adopt the look, whether you like it or not, etc.

Finally, in the spirit of MOTW, I will give you some ideas of products that I use or substitutes in case you don't have any in your collection. Again, the whole idea of shopping your own stash is to go after the feel of the makeup look by using things you already have at home.

I hope you will enjoy this series as much as I have prepared them. See you soon!


  1. So excited! Love your magazine posts!

    1. Come back next week, I'll have the first post ready on Monday!