Everybody Eats When They Come to My House

Before the mad dash of Black Friday, before they play the Christmas muzak at the malls and other public places, let's take time to cherish the fact that giving thanks knows no season.

Wishing you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving day.


Banish the Monday Blues with Bellycorn!

We had a super fun weekend at the Land here where we went to birthday parties and visiting friends compounded by the incredibly good, crisp Autumn weather. Then Monday Blues comes knocking on my door...

Thankfully, while trying to declutter my desk, I came across the Bellycorn I had the luck of winning from my dear friend Bellyhead, who had waited patiently to be baked. At first, I tried to save this to bake together with the Tod. But, I think he'd most likely be more interested in touching the buttons on the oven than the baking, so I decided to bake the Bellycorn and have the guilty pleasure of seeing him shrinking all to myself.. *cue in the evil Mommy laugh*

Obviously, my Shrinkydink-baking mojo has gone out the windows, the Bellycorn wrapped his two front feet around himself and stuck there permanently. It is only natural for him to reside as a zipper pull on my otherwise-plain Aveda cosmetic bag so he can remind me always of the wonderful real people and the real friendship I made through this little blog. 

Wishing you a Happy Monday!


Throwback Thursday: Matte Lipsticks

I don't know when matte lipstick trend started. Not long ago (that is to say in 2012), Burberry released Lip Velvet. I'm even surprised that Aerin Lolabird is still in my lipstick wardrobe and get used every now and then.

All of which tells me that fashion and beauty have a trend to recycle themselves; if you pay attention to this, you may.. may just happily skip the Tom Ford Lip Color Matte or the impending import of Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution.


Clay Cleanser, part Deux

I am a fan of clay cleanser: even though I have dry skin, I found that the addition of clay improves the cleansing power and balances my skin. I'm still searching an affordable option to REN Clearcalm 3 Clarifying Cleanser that I love. I just feel, regardless of science or magic or else, that an expensive cleanser is a waste of money; literally down the drain it goes after a matter of minute on the skin.

Upon further squinting of the eyes, REN cleanser is nothing but a lotion cleanser with a good amount of kaolin clay thrown in. That's exactly what I have been doing lately: throw in a heap of kaolin clay into whatever water-based lotion cleanser that I have on hand.

Kaolin (or any other clay for that matter) is dirt cheap, y'all. One pound of various cosmetic-grade clays runs from $5-$8. That is a whooping pound. I only bought about 2 oz from local Whole Foods and it still lasted me quite a bit from daily use since summer. I keep a small amount in baby food jar, to be scooped and mixed with Cetaphil, Avene, or whatever lotion cleanser I have on hand for a nice, refreshing rinse in the morning. You can go as fancy as you like without breaking the bank: mine is French Clay, there's also pink, white, rhassoul, moroccan, bentonite, etc. Most of all, you know how much clay is in your product and not just wondering if it has any trace of clay in it.

I think this solves my dilemma about clay cleanser for now. I'm very happy with this semi-DIY. Speaking of DIY, here's another thing that is cooking in the Land:

Yes, those are poke marks on the batch on the right, just to test the consistency.

Please excuse the fluorescent lighting of my kitchen but I was cooking a few batches of cleansers and tweaking a few different recipes. The end product is, hopefully, a creamy, non-surfactant based cleanser that has a good slip, lots of cleansing power and loaded with humectants (especially heading towards drier months). Stay tuned.


Daylight Savings

Spring forward, Fall back... thank goodness for Daylight Savings! It's been quite a whirlwind month here at the Land and I expect it to be a bit worse in November with lots of sickies (yes, that time of the year), no-nap-rainy days (nightmare of all stay-at-home moms with energy-bursting toddlers), and other engagements.

I hope you all stay well inside and out. We will see you soon!