Banish the Monday Blues with Bellycorn!

We had a super fun weekend at the Land here where we went to birthday parties and visiting friends compounded by the incredibly good, crisp Autumn weather. Then Monday Blues comes knocking on my door...

Thankfully, while trying to declutter my desk, I came across the Bellycorn I had the luck of winning from my dear friend Bellyhead, who had waited patiently to be baked. At first, I tried to save this to bake together with the Tod. But, I think he'd most likely be more interested in touching the buttons on the oven than the baking, so I decided to bake the Bellycorn and have the guilty pleasure of seeing him shrinking all to myself.. *cue in the evil Mommy laugh*

Obviously, my Shrinkydink-baking mojo has gone out the windows, the Bellycorn wrapped his two front feet around himself and stuck there permanently. It is only natural for him to reside as a zipper pull on my otherwise-plain Aveda cosmetic bag so he can remind me always of the wonderful real people and the real friendship I made through this little blog. 

Wishing you a Happy Monday!


  1. You actually put it to use as a useful thing! It's being all useful and grumpy all at the same time.

    Baking those things is ridiculously fun. :) I had fun making it for you, Claire.

    1. After baking the GrumpyCorn, I was browsing Pinterest for more Shrinky Dinks crafting LOL Thanks, Belly, for such a fun giveaway!!