Glossier Phase 1 Set: A Review

Back in Fall I was intrigued when the Instagram was flooded with this #glossier hashtag. A spin off enterprise from the popular Into the Gloss, these products promise to "... reset(ting) the beauty game, starting with the most important thing: a perfectly primed canvas."

My skin is fairly ok, apart from the sunken places and the age spots that I get more and more comfortable with each year. I decided to order the whole Phase 1 set with the Light Skin tint and I've been using these for about a good three months now.

I like the minimalistic concept of Phase 1 Set. All products are without frills, and that means they are also unscented (YAY!!) The packaging is bare bottom but they include cute stickers (which in my case was snagged right away by the Tod before I could photograph it). While the bubble-padded zip bags are quite useful for traveling, the black "Glossier" tote is quite flimsy.

Here are the products, ranked from the one I like the most to the least. Ingredient lists are available from their website: glossier.com

Priming Moisturizer
This is perhaps the most-used product, in fact the replacement for the Kate Somerville Goat's Milk Cream. The thin cream consistency can almost pass as lotion, with a very hydrating effect that will evaporate if you have dry skin (like me) and don't use anything else on top. I use this as part of the "moisture sandwich" after layers of serums and exfoliant but before sunscreen and makeup. It does what it says: it gives moisture and plumps the skin. A winner, definitely will repurchase (unless I found something better).

Soothing Face Mist
Super basic: rose water and some humectant mixed in. Beware this will sting the eyes, even if it does not get into it (like if you spray them near the lids and some of them get into the eyes). A lovely addition to enrich on the "moisture sandwich." This one beats Caudalie Beauty Elixir spray hands down (Caudalie spray stings like heck on my skin). No other scent besides rose.

Balm Dot Com
A glorified version of Aquaphor, thanks to the addition of silicones which gives it a little glide and less tack. It does not hydrate my dry lips but it does protect rough dry skin, cuticles, etc from peeling further.

Perfecting Skin Tint
The most expensive yet the weakest link of this bunch, this skin tint has almost no coverage yet manage to accentuate dry patches on my skin. This product could have been a good one with the addition of SPF (at least 30) but alas, this has none. The consistency is that of water-silicone blend, very thin, very watery. I ordered shade Light but even Medium would probably work on me due to the sheer coverage. Definitely pass if you are looking for any amount of coverage at all.

THM: Definitely will repurchase the Priming Moisturizer, maybe the Soothing Face Mist, but will skip the rest. Looking forward to Phase 2!!


  1. It seems like most of the reviews that i've read are not raving for this set.. though the primer stuff sounds interesting! I'm glad that you liked some of the set anyway!

    1. Joyce, you are right, but I also think that the expectation has to be changed a bit on those reviews: these products are basic, and hypes are always plentiful, but what can you really expect from basic products? Besides, I think these products are aimed toward younger skins that do not need: 1. lots of moisture (aka still naturally plump) and 2. lots of coverage (aka sun damage is still minimal/not showing up yet. As with all products YMMV. Thanks for checking out!