MOTW: The Minimalistic

Those of you who read this blog frequently knows I'm a fan of minimalistic living. Sadly, the most maximalistic (read cluttered) part of my life surrounds makeup and skin care. This week, after detoxing my handbag, diaper bag (DONE! woo hoo..) and other places where I stash makeup, I start off new with minimalistic MOTW -- minimalistic in terms of the number of products used, not the look itself, perhaps more aptly titled: MOTW with minimum products.

  • Skin is prepped with Charlotte Tilbury's Magic cream, followed by Cover FX Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation. Continuing on the theme from last week's MOTW, I still think this Cover FX has a lot of potential and I'm "warming up" to the idea that the trade off of foundation with buildable coverage is the dry texture that stays put. Still loving the pigmentation of this foundation, which can double as concealer, making it super easy for me to prep my base in one swoop. This is where Magic cream does its magic to my dry skin. 
  • Eyes is done with one color, Burberry Taupe Brown to intensify the lash lines, top and bottom. If I so wish, I can also use this on the socket. The brush to accomplish this is Tom Ford Eye Contour Brush no 12 -- a do-it-all brush in my book (see my comment on Bronzer Bunny's recent post on the same brush here). 
  • Sweeps of Maybelline Collosal, to fit the mood.
  • Guerlain Rouge G in Madame Reve circa Autumn few years back completes the lips and cheeks.
Five products + 1 brush, that is the minimum number of products used today. How low can you go? Wishing you all a wonderful week!

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