MOTW: Stop Press!

My two beauty worlds collided when Lisa Eldridge published her latest tutorial featuring Korean Beauty, complete with the gwang and all! From my wanton addiction to kimchi to interest (bordering obsession) in Asian beauty, when I travel to Korea, I will be so ready and organized with a shopping list and an extra suitcase.. o.k., maybe an extra carry-on handbag. If only I can read some Korean and find Korean beauty magazines here..

Originally, I have another MOTW look prepared for this week but I just can't resist the Lisa + Korean Beauty allure, I must recreate the look, right now. Well, right now turned into a few days, after a steady binge of gazillion video makeup tutorial by Jung Saem Mool, a celebrity Korean makeup artist with her own reputation. So, here's my take on Korean beauty for this week's MOTW.

  • The gwang skin calls for Charlote Tilbury Magic Cream as base and Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Tinted Treatment Moisturizer in 102 (both products not shown, AP-TM is a sample from the newly revamped local Sephora, now carrying brands like AP, Dr. Jart+, Sunday Riley, SKII and much more. Yay!) The tint of the AP-TM is spot on but the it is a tad too pink/peach on my yellow skin. These two product combo produced enough gwang that adding a highlighter would probably be too much.
  • Clinique Airbrush Concealer is used to conceal undereyes.
  • I pat the peach cream blush from Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar On The Go in Breakfast at Tiffany's to mimic barely-there, dewy flush.
  • Lisa is right about Korean-trend eye makeup: they are perhaps not the star of the attraction, although I think it is no less complicated  step-wise than regular Western-style eye makeup.
    For more detail on that, I turned to Jung Saem Mool's tutorials. The theme of her eye makeup is light-to-deep gradation of color toward the lash line, followed by tight-lining and mascara. JSM often used cream eye shadow as base, followed by powder shadow (mostly shimmery and of yellow/gold/peach base) on top, then a deeper color to smudge right above the lash line.
    To simplify the look and to safe some time, I do away with the gradation. Instead, I use Becca Eye Tint in Baroque as base, followed by a touch of the shimmery bronze-gold of Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar On The Go in Breakfast at Tiffany's. I found this combo solve the creasing problem I had with CT cream shadow (same effect can be achieved with something like MAC Paint Pots in Painterly, shown above). I finish the eyes by tight-lining using Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Smoky Eyes Pencil in Smoky Black and a few coats of MAC False Lash Mascara sample (which I found to be neither lengthening, nor volumizing).
  • Gradated lips is yet another Korean trend that I see at JSM's video again and again, and Lisa is right on the money. In JSM's videos, lip lines are always "erased" using foundation or concealer, before filling in with color. I found this erased lip line looking a bit odd on me. So first, I prep my lips with balm of choice, dot some Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids in Vivid Rose 875 (a coral-y cousin to the NARS Lip Satin Luxembourg) right in the middle of the lips, and rub my lips together to create the gradation naturally.
This cushion product that Lisa mentioned in the video, seems to be the trend for Korean BB/foundation. While touted as new, I think it is a reincarnation of Stila Sport Pivotal Skin Foundation (anyone out there remember this??) and from my experience, at least the Stila version, it had the tendency to sink into dry patches of the skin due to its thin-watery-silicony texture: think of it as pouring a bottle of Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation into a sponge, and housing it in an air-tight compact. Maybe technology has advanced since Stila's day and I saw a few in the market, such as from Laneige at Target, Amore Pacific and Dr. Jart+ at Sephora. Do you have any suggestion for a good BB bouncy/cushion foundation for dry skin? Also, what is your favorite Korean beauty brand? 

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead!


  1. I was seeing LE's instagram pictures from Seoul and good to see she picked up so many products to showcase over there!

    Thanks for sharing your Korean-inspired goodies, too!

    Despite my ethnic heritage, I'm not very very into the Korean beauty aesthetic, except maybe that my preference for foundation finish also tends to the dewy and my undead love for AmorePacific.

    When I lived in Seoul, I saw a healthy healthy dose of shimmery highlighter on women's faces, as well as skin that was very porcelain (either by nature or by product). The skincare as a discipline is very rigorous and many of my coworkers had regular appoints to clinics for treatments. Everything seems to start with perfected skin! And the extremes for sun protection was impressive (like completely covered on the beach in the water).

    1. Oh, my dear Belly! When I saw my local Sephora now carries Amore Pacific in the store (aka lots of testers to play with) I was so giddy! I took home so many samples of AP creams, potions, etc. can't wait to try them all. The ones that I try so far are really excellent, and yes, I now understand how Korean-beauty is all about skin and how serious they are about it.