Thankful Tuesday

I can't believe I haven't wrote any gratitude post for this year, better late than never!

Last week, I had a mini catastrophe at my place: the bedroom carpet was flooded by water from leaky humidifier which I run overnight. I didn't know how much water leaked, all I knew was the whole area looked and felt like a swamp. Panic, I called some of my friends who, out of the generosity of their own heart, came with pouring support and suggestions, even though I know many of them have two kids, another with newborn (who only slept for 2 hours the previous night) and are busy moms themselves. Even the Tod's preschool pitched in by lending me a Shop Vac!!

It never ceases to amaze me how generous people are, perhaps daily, but especially in the moment of need -- all I need was to ask for help. Crisis was averted, I was able to suck out water out of the carpet and dried the area. Now, it seemed like an old memory.

For that, I am especially thankful and grateful -- no matter how much is your possession or what you do in life, good friends are worth their weight in gold.

Some other random gratitude:

  • Streaks of sunny days, when the Tod and I enjoyed chilly mornings in the park.
  • Cuddling with the Tod before bed.
  • Hot Pot restaurant, yum!!
  • The spacious feeling after decluttering the house (we just did one where I got rid about 6 large garbage bag-full of the Tod's stuff and other odd things I found in his closet).
  • Time: to knit, to relax with a book (I'm reading Nurture Shock), and to sip some tea.
  • Silence
Gratitude shared are gratitude multiplied, so share with us your gratitude for this week!

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