February Purchases

Phew... February has been a tough month for all of us at the Land so far. We were hit hard with a bunch of illnesses, one round after another, requiring doses of Tamiflu and Z-packs. Dang the faulty flu vaccine of this year and Mycoplasma infections!! Then of course, vacation, family and school obligations all come up at once, I don't see the end of the tunnel yet.

I thought I'd pop in a bit to review two products I purchased in the month of February. 

Laneige BB Cushion in Light

"Protects, Covers, Hydrates, Soothes, Brightens."

Protects: it has SPF rating of 50+ but we all know not to depend on this for all-over-the-face coverage. What this is truly useful for is to touch up SPF throughout the day -- something we all should do but never do because it is too cumbersome. This tinted-liquid compact is a superlative replacement to the messy, cakey, dry powder SPF I've been totting around (Chantecaille Protection Naturelle Loose Powder, or Physician's Formula Compact SPF). Genius! Ahh.. my dry skin certainly welcomes this alternative. For this purpose, the dense compact sponge that comes with it is perfect because it provides dense coverage to ensure maximum protection. A pat on the compact, a pat on areas I need protection (such as top of cheek bones, cheek areas, bridge of the nose, forehead, etc), and I'm good to go.

Covers: since the coverage is so light (think tinted moisturizer more than foundation), I don't actually mind pilling this on. Genius squared! I really started to think that this product is really meant to be used on the go and to be used frequently. I found the tone is yellow enough for my skin but still on the peachy side. Light is suitable on my winter skin since, again, the pigmentation is so light.

Hydrates: not really. On my dry skin, I wear emollient skin care base daily, and I do find that this product tends to sink into dry patches and pores. Not flattering if you look up close. But then again, this product is meant to be touched up frequently, replenishing the moisture that has inevitably evaporated. I'd say normal, to normal-oily skin would benefit best with this formula. If you are normal-dry, or dry, do apply your base skincare for a more palatable finish. 
Speaking of finish, it is not as dewy as I thought it would be, more natural-satin finish, which is surprising for a Korean product such as this.

Soothes: if so, I didn't see it and I won't count on it.

Brightens: if brightening meaning shimmer particles, there are none that I could see. As I mentioned, the finish is actually more natural-satin than glowy-dewy. If brightening meaning protecting from future sun damage, then it has some truth to it.

It is sadly scented -- clean flowery scent. It does not dissipate and I does bother me some, but the benefit outweigh the nuisance, so this compact stays in my handbag for touchups. Does this live up to my expectation as the reincarnation of Stila Sport Pivotal Skin Foundation? Close. I think formula-wise, Laneige is more sophisticated and it applied smoother, but concept-wise I can't help but to think it is a doppelganger.

THM: Not a sophisticated foundation as such but great for touching up your SPF throughout the day.

Sunscreen is a combo of Octinoxate, TiO2 and ZnO

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask in Smashed

I got this serendipitously when I ran out of Lansinoh lanolin to use on my chapped lips when I was sick for the past few weeks. Lo and behold, this one has lanolin as the first ingredient and less stinky than Lansinoh.

I haven't used this much but I know this will work due to lanolin. The scent is nicely vanilla-ry, the tint is not overwhelmingly bright, the au naturel, organic, biologique are all cherries. I may also get the Natural since that one has no color. For this product to work, you need just a little and you need to keep reapplying initially until all the dry bits are gone, then do maintenance work as needed (at least this is what I do with pure lanolin).

As I mentioned, I am still in the tunnel as far as blogging goes, I want to know those who have small children (I'm talking those who are younger than Kindergarten or does not go to school full-time yet), where are your children when you are taking pictures or blogging? Are they perched in front of TV/iPad/something stimulating and hopefully educational? Are they with a babysitter/nanny/dad/grandma/grandpa? Are they at preschool/school/day care? Are they napping/sleeping (something the Tod has given up)? I found it harder and harder to accomplish anything when the Tod is at home, I just want to be real and find out what works with mom-bloggers out there.


  1. Claire! I'm so sorry about all the ailments at your home recently. Yes, it HAS been a tough winter. My youngest had a virus which she rebounded from quickly, but then husband got sick with the same and had it quite bad for a week. Hope we are all on to a healthy rest of the winter. We can use it!

    Thanks for this very detailed review on the Laneige! I love my AmorePacific one for many of the same exact reasons you mentioned for the Laneige. The light texture and portability makes an excellent tote-around sun protection/light coverage option!! I use mine at Disney World in the blazing sun and it was really handy for those touch ups.

    1. This morning at drop off, one of the Tod's teacher told me one of his classmate was sick. I must admit, I was a bit panicky because I *really* don't want another round of illness in the home yet again. *knock on woods*

      So glad someone else found this BB cushion handy as touch-ups. I really think this kind of products is more for touch-ups than a full-on, bonafide foundation.. maybe AmorePacific one is, but I have yet to try that. This one is definitely an on-the-go product, imho. Thanks for stopping by, Belly!

  2. Nice blog! Have been looking to try out the Laneige BB Cushion.