January Favorites/Purchases

January Favorite Products

I realize one of the reasons people read beauty blogs is, and forever will be, to learn about new products/product reviews. Seemingly opposite is one of my beauty (as spiritual) practice; to only buy that which I really love and by definition, it is quite scant. With all the accessibility of getting samples all around us (thanks, Sephora!), it is easier to purchase products that really works without regret later on -- even Target now has a lady who (wo)mans the beauty counter and she gives out samples, too! 

Sure, I've made mistakes every now and then, and I will in the future; after all, I'm only human. Moreover, there are things that I bought here sight-unseen but with some educated guess. Let's see what I've been loving in the month of January.

  • Sunday Riley Juno (previously reviewed here).
  • drybar Detox Dry Shampoo.
    I truly believe a good scent, or at least a scent that you like, is a must for dry shampoo because it tends to linger for a loooong while and it is the whole point of using dry shampoo: to partly de-stink dirty hair. I've tried several dry shampoo in the past, mostly those that are available at Ulta (Batiste, the perennial favorite, stinks to seventh dry-shampoo-heaven for me. Dove's scent is a bit too sickly sweet. Oribe Dry Texturizer smells lovely, but is not really dry shampoo). drybar scent is palatable, perhaps a bit sweet, but I associate it with good memory and this one works for me. I purchased a small travel bottle from Sephora.
    The powder does go on white, so I brush the residue with pure boar bristle brush (mine is from Olivia Garden like this one). It extends the look of non-oily roots by about a day.
  • Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream.
    Glad that lady in Target gave me a sample of this, as well as the sleeping pack (on the to-buy list after I finished up the Sisley Black Rose mask). The cream quenches my thirsty, dry skin with a rather natural, non-glowy finish, perfect for moisturizing before sunscreen on day-time and night-time alike. The only downside is the scent -- is it too much to ask for unscented skin care?
    Despite the "cream" formula, I found this has more humectant (that which attracts moisture) than protectant (that which keeps moisture in). I must layer this with my serums and oils, I think by itself, it would be a bit too light for my dry skin. At $35 a pop, this is not exactly cheap and I regret that it does not have anything else but a plain, bland cream, but sometimes, that's all I need.
  • Charlotte Tilbury KISSING Mini Lipstick Charms Trio Gift Set.
    I have a problem: a Nordstrom note problem. One may think I shop loads at Nordstrom to earn all those notes; partly it is true, partly, we eat a lot at Nordstrom Cafe. What's not to like: the Tod loves it there! He always gets extras like raisins, chocolates, his own straw cup, and fruits on top of his meals (which are not bad, really). So yes, I've been raking notes over notes that are begging to be spent (or else they will expire), I spent the last few ones on this -- a freebie from Nordie, so to speak.
    Color-wise; I begin to appreciate Charlotte -- I think there is something to be said about her color selection that flatters my skin tone, at least, the way Burberry colors are. Charlotte, is of course, on the opposite side; her colors are louder and bolder than Burberry's. I love So Marilyn -- this one is a neutral red, no leaning orange nor blue whatsoever on me. Bitch Perfect is, surprisingly bitchy... er, perfect! On me, it goes on neither mauve nor peach, like so many other pinky nudes are. Even Penelope Pink, which I thought would be too camel for me, is an excellent nude: it has pink undertone with a touch of greyish peach, if that makes sense, that makes it a bit alive. Formula are like CT's lipstick; on the dry side but not overly and the scent is bearable.
    Beware, these lipsticks are very tiny, super, duper tiny -- I probably wouldn't purchase this had I seen them in person.
  • Dior Vernis in Lady.
    Oh my, where have you been in my life? My Dior Incognito is almost half-full (in fact, I think I'll need another bottle soon since it does not flow as well, and I don't thin my polishes with thinner). This one is Incognito's baby sister with Dior's flawless formula. Two coats of this, with Dior's own Top Coat, and I'm good for a week.
What are your January faves? Link me below to your blog (no promo blogs, please -- you know those are futile).


  1. Lovely! My latest dry shampoo favorite is the one from blowpro! fragrance free!! I got sick of the dove scent too. I think Oscar blandi's is ok too. I want those ct minis, and I wish I got more Nordstrom notes lol

    1. I'll def. try the blowpro brand! I think I even tried one unscented dry shampoo that still smells like something (no doubt to mask), it even smells worse than the scented ones. Thanks for the rec.

  2. I've had my eye on the Charlotte's trio of mini lippies too, but... I don't think I need any new lipsticks at the moment, even tiny ones! If you think Batiste stinks to high heavens, please, please stay away from Suave Keratin dry shampoo. Oh my freaking God, the fumes are strong enough to suffocate in my tiny bathroom. I'm going back to Batiste! But I'll smell Drybar's version too :)

    1. Thanks for the heads up on Suave! Bartell's carry them and am always intrigued but no tester. Which Batiste do you like/tolerate? The Original smells like Pledge to me, the pink smells too powdery. I have yet try the Fresh (I guess not avail at local Ulta) -- if you find something unscented, let me know :-)