MOTW: Biscuity Makeup, aka the Shaggable Eyes

Every now and then, I would see a look and thought, "Where have I seen it before?" and inevitably, I also wonder, "I must have something similar already in my stash" because when a look appeals to me, it must be something that I know would look good on me. Beauty, like fashion, has its own cycle and things must have been cycled and recycled so many times, it is refreshing to try a newer, more modern take to the same basic theme.

This week, I'm doing the tone-on-tone, aka the "Biscuity Makeup" of Lisa Eldridge's fame. Remember this?

Upgrade it to a more shaggable slant of "Shaggable Eyes" of Tom Ford AW 15 like this..

images via style.com

So, Biscuit and Shaggy both feature tonal brown eyes, nude cheeks and lips -- with cheeks and lips playing supporting role. While Biscuit is a more harmonious ensemble of matte-on-matte, Shaggy's eyes are the focal point with the chocolate haze wrapping around the outer corner of the eyes all the way to the upper cheek bone.

image via style.com

My version is somewhere in between -- not quite shaggable, but still biscuity -- "the Shaggy-Biscuit?"

Skin is prepped using foundation of choice to achieve a natural finish. I like mine on the glowy side, so I prep with my regular, quite moist skin care base, with Lunasol Skin Modelling Liquid Foundation patted on top to form a synergy (ah, don't you just love that word, synergy?). I opted for gently sculpted cheeks, using a smidge of Chanel Bronzing Base and Burberry Fresh Glow (aka, my dupe for Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate) at strategic spots. All bounced and blended very, very gently with Beauty Blender sponge. This completes the Biscuit part.

For the Shaggy part, eyes are prepped with Burberry Trench, followed by Chanel Kaska Beige quad, emphasizing darker shades on the outer corner of the eyes -- strictly hugging the eyes to the bottom lash line and all the way down to the cheek bones like TF's version. I shaggify the eyes further by smudging Charlotte Tilbury The Classic Powder Pencil Liner in Audrey on the upper lash lines and adding few lashings of MAC False Lashes (which in reality does not make me look like I'm wearing falsies. We want to keep it biscuit-shag, remember?). I topped off the cheeks with peachy cream blush from Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar on the Go in Breakfast at Tiffany's. For lips, I chose a satin-matte of Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink.

O.k. I'm seriously getting hungry and in need of a sh.. err.. biscuit myself. Wishing everyone a great week ahead!

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